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10 best plugins for WordPress

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Find out which are the best plugins you can install on WordPress.

WordPress is a platform that has been characterized by its versatility and ability to adapt to the needs of all kinds of web projects.

With more than 25,000 plugins, WordPress allows you to customize and adjust your website to the limits of your imagination.

But what is a plugin?

A plugin is an application that when installed adds additional functionality or a new feature to a software. For example, there are plugins to create online stores, for security, for traffic and SEO, etc.

“Plugins are code components, in other words, programs that are installed in WordPress to extend its standard functionality. They work in much the same way as, for example, extensions or plugins for web browsers and are made with the same technologies as WordPress.”

Citizen 2 Zero

Now that you know how plugins work, I present you a list with all the best plugins that you can install on WordPress:

For e-commerce:

1. WooCommerce

This is probably the best plugin that exists today to create online stores. WooCommerce allows you to manage different forms of payment, configure shipping costs, create discount coupons, configure taxes and much more.

For security:

2. Akismet

This plugin provides you with an anti-spam function that works very well.

Furthermore, this plugin is free for personal sites, although it does have a cost for commercial sites, that is, those that generate income.

3. BackWPup

This excellent plugin will help us with the automatic creation of backup copies.

BackWPup is distinguished by its configuration flexibility, its reliability and its integration with cloud services. It is also free!

For SEO and traffic

4. Yoast SEO

This is one of the best plugins to manage and optimize the SEO positioning of your website or blog.

Yoast SEO allows you to integrate in a single application a whole series of functionalities that, in another situation, you would have to implement by installing multiple plugins.

5. Jetpack

This complete plugin is a set of 24 plugins.

With Jetpack you can perform functions such as: statistics, automatic dissemination of posts on social networks, improvements to the photo gallery, social buttons, contact forms, spell checking and more.

For design

6. Visual Composer

This is a visual layout plugin.

With Visual Composer you can easily insert text boxes, images, sliders, social buttons, icons, headings, dropdowns, navigation labels, image carousel, portfolios, testimonials and more.

7. Google Typography

This plugin allows you to add more than 600 fonts from Google Fonts to be able to use them with any WordPress theme.

For page performance

8. WP

This plugin is in charge of optimizing the images that are uploaded to the WordPress media library so that they occupy less space, without losing quality. The lighter your images are, the faster your page will load.

For social networks

9. Rotating Tweets

With this plugin you can link your Twitter account with your WordPress site to show your latest tweets in a very visual and attractive way.

10. Social Metrics

This plugin allows you to easily track your level of success on social media.

It presents a grid with all your posts in the main social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.


WordPress and its plugins offer us an infinite number of possibilities to create the website or blog we want.

The number of plugins that exist is impressive, so surely you will find one for the specific feature you require.

Do you know any other WordPress plugin that you want to recommend?