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10 reasons why you need a website

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Here are 10 reasons why you need a website today.

In today’s digital age it is essential that your business or project has a presence on the world wide web.

Having a Facebook page is good, but it is not enough! To give more formality and credibility to your business what you really need is a website.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why you need a website:

1. Global presence for your business

With a website you will not just be seen on your city or in your country, you will be seen all over the world.

Anyone with Internet access will be able to see your business and services, without any geographical restriction.

2. Get new customers

By having global presence, your company or business will be known by an immense number of companies and people who can become your customers.

The more visible you are, the more potential customers you will have!

3. Loyalty from existing customers

A website gives you the possibility of maintaining a better relationship with your current customers.

Through your site you can inform them about your new products or services, without having to use aggressive advertising. In addition, you can also offer promotions and exclusive content.

4. 24/7 product sales

A website will also give you the possibility of having an online store to sell all your products. So your customers can buy any day and at any time.

5. Visibility for your work

For artists, designers and other creative people, a website is an excellent vehicle for displaying and exposing their work.

A website is the best portfolio and business card you can have.

6. Gain recognition and prestige

Having a website gives a level of formality and credibility to your business that cannot be surpassed.

In addition to a phone number and a physical address, if you want your business to look professional, you must have a website and an email address.

7. Save on advertising and communication expenses

Communication and advertising costs are reduced by having a website because you won’t have high needs to invest in traditional media.

By making the transition to the digital world you will be able to reach more people with less investment.

8. Appear on search engines

Did you know that currently the vast majority of professional search is done on the Internet? This shows us the importance of appearing on search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.

And in order to be present we need a website!

Once we have the site we must dedicate time to SEO optimization so it can appear in the first places.

9. Save time

A website will serve as a more efficient communication channel and this will save you time.

For example, with a website you can clarify the doubts of your customers more easily by creating a section of “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Make the answers as clear as possible and you will see that your customers will thank you.

10. To analyze your customers

With the use of web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, you can learn a lot from the people who visit your site.

For example, you can know where visitors come from, how much time they spend on your website and the sections where they spend the most time.

This data can be very useful to help you improve your products and services, and thus be able to sell more.


These are only 10 of the reasons why you need to have a website, but there are many more!

Now there are many easy, fast and cheap options to create your website, such as Wix and Pagevamp, so you have no excuses. Create your website and join the digital world!