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4 mistakes you should avoid in your online store

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If you want to have success in your online store, make sure you don’t make these common mistakes that can affect your sales.

More and more people decide to make many of their purchases through the Internet and Mexico is not far behind in this trend. The Study on Online Sales in Mexico 2019 stated that 34% of Mexicans make online purchases on a monthly basis and 16% every two or five months (El Economista).

These percentages show us that if we have a product or service that we want to sell, an excellent option will be to create an online store.

If you are already determined to create your own virtual store (or if you already have one) it is very important that you keep in mind and avoid these 4 common mistakes that can harm the success and prestige of your online store.

Here we present them to you:

1. Not having a professional logo

The logo is a fundamental element for any business or brand. And this is an element that has to be very present in your online store!

A professional logo provides confidence and security to your visitors and shows them that you are a serious company and therefore can make purchases in your online store with ease.

It is a small element but it adds a lot of value to your business.

2. Not having different payment methods

Consumers of the digital age like to have options on everything and at the crucial moment of purchase it is essential that you do not limit the options of payment methods.

The most common payment methods include payment by credit or debit card, PayPal, payment in convenience stores, etc.

Remember that the more options you give people, the more likely they are to complete their purchase.

3. Not providing contact information

As with the logo, contact information (phone number, physical address, email) is essential to create a serious and reliable image for your business and therefore also for your online store.

Having the contact information available and visible in your store is an excellent way to create a bond of trust with your customers, since they will have all the means to contact you if there are any incidents or problems with their order.

4. Ignore the importance of SEO

Finally, we want to remind you of the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By doing a good SEO implementation in your online store – using a good amount of keywords, including metadata in your images, creating quality content, etc. – you will help improve the positioning of your store in searches and more people will come to visit you.


Having an online store can be a very profitable business today, but it is important that you dedicate the necessary time to build your store so that it works properly.

One point that I didn’t mention in the recommendations, because it may be a bit obvious, is the importance of the visual aspect of your store and having good quality photos of all your products. And don’t forget about communication on social media, which will also help bring more people to your store.

We hope that these recommendations help you to be very successful with your online store!