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7 elements to start creating your website

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Before you start a website, there is a list of elements you should keep in mind to ensure a successful site.

Creating a website can be challenging, especially if it’s the first time. Although there is no exact formula to make a site, there are certain elements that must be analyzed before, during and after the process.

  • Define and plan the content: Before creating the website it is important to know what type of content will be on it. In this way you can define the needs of the website and, therefore, the best way to do it. It is not the same to create a site in which the content will be mostly based on photos or videos than to create one where the text dominates. The needs will not be the same if it is an online store or a blog, therefore defining the contents is a good first step to follow.
  • Domain name: Choosing a domain name is one of the most important steps since this will be your name on the Internet and your brand. It will also be the first thing your users will see. Likewise, you must take care of elements such as the length of the name, the objective of your site and if you are going to use special characters or numbers. Here you can read more about how to choose the right domain name.
  • Web hosting: A web hosting service refers to the physical place where your site will be “hosted” or located. Sometimes, the company where you register your domain will also offer web hosting service. There are different types of hosting so it is important to analyze and choose the one that best suits your needs and has good quality.
  • Site map: As its name says, a site map for a website is a list of the pages that your site will have. It can be done in any format and the objective is to display which page leads to another and so on until it covers the entire website.
  • Attractive design: Design can be a factor that makes people stay longer on your site or leave. There are design trends that change over the years and which can help you design your site. In the end, the most important thing in the design is that it reflects the personality of your brand.
  • SEO, Google Analytics: All the effort that will be made before the site is launched and during it will be useless if you do not measure or monitor the traffic of your website. With free tools like Google Analytics you will be able to know if what you do and your SEO work is working or not.
  • Digital and inbound marketing strategy: Inbound marketing uses a methodology to attract the customer in an organic way so that he or she eventually becomes a brand promoter. When launching your website, you must have a strategic digital marketing plan to be able to attract those customers.

Creating a website from the beginning can be a much easier challenge to overcome if there is good pre-planning. But do not worry, if you follow these steps, you can make a successful and attractive site for your customers.