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Best plugins to optimize your website’s images

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Correct image optimization helps improve the loading speed of your website. These are the best WordPress plugins to easily optimize your images.

Images are very important elements for our website, since through these we can show visitors our products and services in a simple and direct way. That’s why it is often said that an image is worth a thousand words!

But having a lot of images on our website can also bring us certain problems, since the weight of the images can slow down the site. To avoid this problem we must correctly optimize all our images.

But what does optimizing mean? Basically we are talking about reducing the size of the file so that it is not so heavy. There are different tools that you can use to optimize images and if your site uses the WordPress platform there are also plugins that you can install and will make this task much easier.

Here is a list of the best plugins you can use to optimize your images:

1. Imagify

This is a fairly complete plugin that offers you 3 levels of compression for your images. Also if you have many images that you need to optimize, Imagify has a batch optimization feature. This plugin offers a free version that allows you to optimize 25MB of images (approximately 250 photos).

2. WP Smush

This is one of the most popular and recognized optimization plugins. WP Smush allows you to resize, compress and optimize all your images quickly and easily. The most important thing is that this plugin will never make your images lose quality since its servers eliminate the heavy and hidden information in the images and reduce the size of the file without affecting the appearance.

3. Optimole

This plugin promises to be the all-inclusive solution for all your optimization needs. Optimole works through the cloud, so once you have installed the plugin it will replace all your image URLs with cloud-based URLs.

The basic plan of this plugin allows you to optimize up to 1 GB of images per month.

4. ShortPixel

Finally, we are going to talk about ShortPixel. This is a very light and easy to use plugin, which in addition to compressing images also compresses PDF documents.

This plugin works well with any type of hosting and allows you to optimize any image on your site, even if it does not appear in your media library.

We hope that these plugins are very useful for you and help you improve the speed of your website, as well as its positioning.

Do you know of any other WordPress image optimization plugin?