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Characteristics of the most successful online stores

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There are millions of online stores, but not all of them are successful. Discover that special something that those stores that have managed to conquer and stay at the top of the game have.

When we talk about successful online stores, several very specific names immediately come to mind. And although for emerging, small and medium businesses, it seems impossible to reach such levels of popularity and productivity, we could take the elements that make those successful stores stand out as an example for our own businesses.

After all, it doesn’t hurt to adapt and apply strategies that have worked for the most experienced online stores.

Examples of successful online stores

There are numerous ecommerce giants such as Amazon, Ebay, and Alibaba, among many others. But this time we show you a couple of online stores that are definitely worth knowing, especially for what we can learn from them.

Zappos, the service company that sells shoes

This business was conceived with the premise that the key factor of the organization would be to provide an extraordinary shopping experience for the customer.

Indeed, its ultimate goal is to market shoes, but the way to do it is the differentiating factor that makes it successful.

For Zappos every opportunity to interact with the public is decisive to produce a positive impact. In this sense, any medium makes it a setting to meet and satisfy the expectations of its customers in the best way. Whether they are blogs, social networks, website or emails, they are resources that you should not waste.

An important detail is that this company has a response time of less than 20 seconds on its free telephone line. The motivation they convey to their employees is that they are evaluated by the quality of customer response, rather than the number of calls answered.

It is true that Zappos applies several strategies that make the store have an excellent service in terms of the provision and delivery of its products. But it also has a policy of keeping its employees happy, considering that this generates happy customers. That is why your marketing objectives should have the same importance as those aimed at achieving and maintaining the well-being of your employees.

Definitely, this online store owes much of its success to its organizational culture. Their slogan is “service driven” and their main corporate value is to cause a WOW in the public through their services. Additionally, Zappos strives to positively impress each of the people related to the company, including workers, customers, investors and suppliers.

Mercado Libre, an ecosystem of entrepreneurs

The purpose of Mercado Libre from the very beginning had to do with revolutionizing electronic commerce in Latin America. Based on an entrepreneurial culture, it has managed to democratize ecommerce by allowing millions of people to purchase products at fair prices, from any location in their country.

In addition to this, Mercado Libre offers a platform for sellers. Especially, small and medium-sized companies have the opportunity to market their products and conduct their business effectively.

One of the characteristics that stands out in this online store is the incorporation of a payment system and access to credits as complementary support to its services. Promoting financial inclusion is one of its fundamental aspects.

On the other hand, its ad options complete that ecosystem of integrated solutions that provides satisfying buying and selling experiences in one place. This is how they manage to promote the marketing of products as well as the development of an entire community.

Finally, ecommerce is not limited in time or space. Therefore, it is an excellent showcase to display large quantities of products in all their diversity, for any geographical location in the world and at any time.

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