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Dropshipping: An excellent option to launch your online store

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Do you want to start selling online but with a minimum investment? Dropshipping is the solution.

2020 has been a year where resilience has become a protagonist in the way we do business. Even consolidated businesses have had to digitally transform in order to continue their operations, and a wave of entrepreneurs has been born in search of new opportunities.

In both scenarios, ecommerce has played an important role, but dropshipping remains undoubtedly the best alternative for those who start from scratch with an online store.

What is dropshipping?

It is a business model based on the online sale of retail products. The particularity of dropshipping is that it does not involve inventory of merchandise.

This form of ecommerce focuses on the processes of marketing, receiving payments, and customer support. On the other hand, wholesale partners, who have the products in stock, intervene in the process.

The latter are also responsible for making the shipments corresponding to purchases made through your online store.

Advantages of dropshipping

One of the main advantages of this type of ecommerce is that it avoids the investment in terms of acquisition or manufacture of products and the logistics that their storage and distribution implies.

This provides a significant relief in terms of time and money that translates into accelerating the start-up of such a business.

On the other hand, as the dropshipping store works as an intermediary or commission agent between the customer and the supplier, the owner has the opportunity to guide his efforts in promoting the products. Likewise, they have the possibility of adding value to the brand with outstanding marketing strategies or services.

Recommendations for a successful dropshipping business

Launching an online store based on dropshipping is more affordable than a conventional one, in terms of investment. However, this does not mean that it requires less effort.

If your intention is to dedicate yourself to e-commerce without stock, these recommendations can be of great help:

  • Select the products to be marketed according to a previously defined market niche.
  • Have a website with responsive design, intuitive navigation, attractive appearance and data security.
  • Establish clear contracts with suppliers (commercial, logistics and legal clauses).
  • Consider fiscal obligations (taxes).
  • Strengthen branding by relying on social media and blogging to increase digital presence, build trust and bring traffic to the store.
  • Offer ease and transparency in payment methods.
  • Establish return policies.
  • Guarantee fast and safe shipping options.
  • Automate orders with wholesalers’ systems.
  • Provide customer service 24/7 in the local language.
  • Follow up until the end customer’s satisfaction is met.
  • Apply email marketing and remarketing strategies.
  • Maintain effective communication with suppliers.

Getting your online store in tune can take some time. Testing, making changes and improving customer service are all part of the growth of any startup.

This could even be a stage that you use as a springboard to later scale the brand and sell your own products.

We can only invite you to keep up to date with other tips and advice to improve the sales of your online store.