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How to improve product descriptions in your online store

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Attracting, informing and convincing through the descriptions of the products in an ecommerce is an art. Take advantage of that space and help your online store visitors to make the purchase.

A successful online store is much more than a catalog of items with a cart. More than 75% of users want to review product descriptions before they are ready to buy. And even that is not enough, this information must be attractive and useful not only for potential customers but also for search engines.

What is the product description?

The description is the piece of text that accompanies the image of the product in an online store. For this content to be really good, it must go a little further than a simple technical sheet full of the characteristics of the product.

Capturing the visitor’s attention, generating interest and trust, showing the value of acquiring that product and not another, are some of the opportunities that exist when creating a good description. After all, the goal is to minimize the chance of abandonment and increase the likelihood of hitting the buy button.

Some basic elements that any product description should include have to do with answering the following questions:

  • What is it?
  • What is it made of?
  • Where does it come from?
  • What does it do?
  • How is it used?
  • What makes it stand out?
  • What problems does it solve?

Tips for creating better product descriptions

The product description section is still part of the content of your website. Therefore, it is important that it favors search engine positioning, but it should also show the personality of your brand.

The recommendations that we will give you below will undoubtedly be useful in both cases:

1. Generate content directed to your target audience

Consider their interests, how they got to the site, why they want to buy your products, and how they would express themselves when telling someone else about it. Additionally, convey the information using a tone consistent with your brand.

2. Provide complete and easy-to-understand information

Highlight the keywords and incorporate them naturally into the text. You should also highlight the main ideas and include other elements that make reading easier.

3. Includes a size and measurement guide

Including details of actual product measurements builds trust. On the other hand, it helps reduce the return rate by avoiding confusion or mistakes when selecting the size of the item.

4. Use longtail keywords

Long-tail keywords have less search volume, but their conversion rate is higher. By matching more specific queries, the visitor can get just what they want.

5. Link attributes and benefits

Focus on offering solutions to the customer by giving value to the product. It connects the characteristics or attributes with the benefits that you will obtain when acquiring it. It expresses how having this product will improve some aspect of your life.

6. Create a connection with your customer

Using emotional triggers or sensory adjectives, telling a story and using a little humor are all valid mechanisms to highlight the strengths of your products and seduce the visitor.

Finally, avoid giving unnecessary and complicated information to the user. And keep in mind that improving product descriptions can substantially influence your online store’s organic traffic, as well as positively impact conversions.

Do you have any other recommendations for creating good descriptions? Leave us your comments on social media.