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How to prepare your online store for the Buen Fin

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The Buen Fin 2020 is approaching and consumers are eager to take advantage of its offers and promotions. Prepare your online store in the best way to sell in style from November 9th to the 20th.

Participating as a seller in this Mexican commercial event, El Buen Fin, during 2020 is a smart decision. At this time when Christmas bonuses and the full boom of electronic commerce are about to be found, the only probable result is the reach of record numbers of purchases, compared to previous editions.

Buen Fin 2020

The purpose of the Buen Fin is to boost market activity in Mexico, as well as favor the family economy. This event usually takes place during 4 days of the month of November of each year, however, for 2020 there will be a special edition that will last for 12 days.

In this way, it helps to avoid crowds due to the health emergency caused by Covid-19. Thus, from November 9th to the 20th, customers will be able to enjoy generalized discounts and promotions in a wide variety of establishments.

In this sense, if you have an online store, taking advantage of this opportunity to offer your products or services is a very good idea.

Tips for preparing your online store

You’ve probably already done some of this work by now, however, here are some recommendations in case you’ve overlooked something:

1. Register your business on the Buen Fin website

This will allow you to use the #ElBuenFin brand and have access to its user manual. Also, you will get permission to use graphic pieces that you can incorporate into your ads and publications, especially the logo.

Likewise, your business will have its place in the directory of the official Buen Fin website. In this way, your online store can be located by participating business, category or type of establishment, increasing the flow of visitors.

2. Create attractive promotions for your target audience

Focus on the most popular products in your store and the ones that best suit the season. In addition, it is not only about discounts but about opportunity. Try to solve the needs and interests of your ideal customer.

One thing to keep in mind is that perhaps consumers will be looking to make early Christmas shopping. On the other hand, volume offers and complementary product combos are also interesting alternatives.

It is worth including gifts, accumulation of points, bonuses or coupons, the possibility of participating in contests, and additional payment facilities to those commonly available.

3. Tune the technical and operational aspects

Offering an excellent user experience is essential. Some elements that you should optimize and keep up to date to facilitate the process are: payment gateways, website speed, inventory, shipping and returns, and customer service.

4. Use social media and run email marketing campaigns

Announce loudly that your online store will be participating in the Buen Fin. You can even anticipate which promotions will be available for your followers and subscribers to prepare.

Taking advantage of these spaces as a commercial showcase will undoubtedly help increase the sales of your business, from which your brand will gain visibility and you will have the opportunity to retain customers.

We hope these tips will help your online store have a very successful Buen Fin. And if you don’t have an online store yet, you still have time to create it with Akky!