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The elements you must have on your online store

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Your online store should have its own personality, but there are definitely some key elements that should not be missing.

With the exponential increase that online shopping has had in recent months, without a doubt now is a good time to create your online store, update it or improve it. We are talking about the fact that by May 2020 there was a growth of more than 300% in electronic commerce in Latin America, according to Kantar studies.

This reflects that the new consumption patterns derived from the pandemic have broken down that barrier of fear that existed before regarding the use of e-commerce, and there is no going back.

The current scenario indicates that businesses that have a developed digital infrastructure are the big winners. And although it is well known that each website should stand out for its differentiating qualities, it is important to highlight what those basic and essential elements are in a professional online store.

What should an online store have?

1. Category menu and search bar

Making it easier for visitors to navigate will allow them to stay longer on the page and helps minimize the likelihood that they abandon their purchase. That is why offering a product catalog with a very well-organized structure is essential.

Grouping items with similar characteristics, as well as adding descriptions and a representative picture to each category is a good idea. In addition to this, making available a search engine in the header that with just a couple of words allows you to find the product you’re looking for. It is something that will make life easier for your customers.

2. Shopping cart

The cart is one of the most emblematic aspects of electronic commerce. This element must remain visible at all times.

It is essential to offer a dynamic and intuitive experience that allows the user to maintain control of the selected products. As well as having the ability to add, modify, delete and continue with your shopping in a clear and simple way.

3. Payment methods and shipping

Once again, the importance of ease of access and transparency in processes is the protagonist in this type of website. During the payment stage your store must convey greater trustworthiness.

Therefore, a payment gateway that is easy to access, comfortable to use and that guarantees security through data protection protocols, is key for the customer to successfully complete their purchase.

At this point, it is also relevant to provide detailed information regarding prices and shipping options, in the case of physical products.

4. Contact forms

Resolving the questions of the users as soon as possible is another detail in favor of your online store. Providing customer service in the most optimal way will increase communication and consequently the credibility of your business.

This is where contact forms, phone lines, and chats come into play. Considering that it is advisable to locate them in visible and available places at all times.

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