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Email marketing ideas for your small business

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There are many strategies that can be used to expand the revenue opportunities of your small business but something that you should not miss is email marketing.

The first email was sent in 1971 and, as time has passed, far from being outdated it has remained in use, and even more, it has established itself as an effective mean of communication to the point that currently over 2 million emails are exchanged daily. That is why incorporating email marketing into the management of small and medium-sized business turns out to be very convenient.

What is email marketing about?

Email marketing is a direct marketing technique that relies on sending emails in bulk. Its objective is to publicize the brand and retain customers through the dissemination of information related to company news, its products or services, newsletters and promotions, as well as other valuable content for customers and prospects.

One of the reasons to implement mailing in your small business is that it’s the most profitable direct marketing modality, it will also give your company a plus by quickly creating meaningful ties with users through more personal and close communication.

Another aspect in your favor is that you will be able to monitor the impact of the campaigns, which will allow you to make the appropriate decisions to maintain, improve or change the strategies in order to achieve the proposed goals.

Tips for creating successful email marketing campaigns

Use email marketing software

Having a platform to manage emails has many advantages, among which are: delivery confirmation, use of predetermined templates, display of opening rates and clicks, and compliance with privacy policies and anti-spam rules. However, the biggest advantage of using these tools is saving time when managing emails.

Here we leave you the best email management tools available in the market so that you can research and choose the ideal one for your small business:






Get email addresses legally

Building a contact list is essential to start doing email marketing campaigns, but you should avoid buying databases or sending messages to recipients without their authorization.

This is due to the fact that there are regulations for the protection of the personal data of users whose breach may incur into penalties. As a good practice, put a link to unsubscribe.

Segment your contacts

As the list grows, it becomes necessary to organize it by groups, categories, labels or some other criteria that helps you distribute the emails appropriately according to the interests of your subscribers or potential customers.

Take care of design and aesthetics

Likewise, the content, the visual part of the email is vitally important when it comes to capturing attention and attracting readers’ interest. Using templates with your brand colors and a clean and professional design is recommended.

Create personalized emails

Nothing is more special than calling each reader by name to create a relationship of trust. But you can go a little further than a “Hello Ana” with dynamic customizations that allows you to offer different products to each recipient according to their preferences.

Finally, it has probably crossed your mind that nowadays there are other ways to attract clients such as social media and blogs, and you are right, but it is also true that emailing continues to be the preferred method of direct contact among Internet users. For example, did you know that there are more than 3 billion active email accounts in the world?

Tell us if you knew about email marketing, if you have already implemented it, or if you plan to do so in the future.