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Best email marketing platforms

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Email marketing campaigns are still an excellent option to reach people directly, effectively and economically. However, using the right platform for your business is essential.

Sending mass emails according to previously designed strategies is an excellent method to attract leads, retain customers, increase the number of subscribers and increase sales. Whatever the case, it is certain that email marketing will help facilitate the achievement of your brand’s objectives.

There are different tools that allow you to plan and automate mailing, let’s see the characteristics and benefits of some of them.

1. Mailchimp

This American platform is one of the most popular in the world. With a friendly and easy to use environment, it has become the favorite of more than 14 million users. In its free version it allows you to reach 2000 contacts and its different paid versions can provide service of up to 200 thousand emails per month.

2. Benchmark

It is a simple solution for automating mailings. It has plans that work using an algorithm that communicates and tracks leads. In its free version, it offers a maximum of 14,000 emails per month and 2,000 contacts. Other of its functionalities is that it allows you to create newsletters in less than 15 minutes and it has templates with unique and customizable designs.

3. SendinBlue

It is one of the most intuitive and powerful tools in its field. One of its biggest advantages is that it has connection with multiple applications and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). In addition to this, it provides statistics in real time and its free plan offers the possibility of sending 300 emails daily, with unlimited contacts.

4. Rapidmail

Its main attraction is the simplicity and speed with which users can launch and manage their email marketing campaigns. Likewise, it connects very well with the needs of online stores by having intelligent confirmation tools. An important benefit of using this platform is that spam ratings are minimized as you have Certified Center Alliance membership.

5. Acumbamail

With its 100% Spanish service and 24/7 customer service, this platform has email and SMS marketing options, as well as landing page creation. Without payment, it can be used to reach 250 contacts and make 2,000 shipments. On the other hand, it is possible to acquire personalized plans adapted to the requirements of each company, even if it is a large corporation.

This is just a small sample of the many email marketing tools that exist in the market. Choosing the ideal one for your business will depend on the objectives, the number of people you want to reach and the investment you are willing to make.

To conclude, keep in mind that email marketing is one of the aspects that makes marketing strategies more humane, holistic and effective. There is a reason why there are more than three billion email users today.

Do you know these or perhaps other email marketing platforms that you would like to recommend?