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Email Automation – Application Cases

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Among so many digital tools, email continues to be a fundamental element of digital marketing. Learn about some cases where email automation can be successfully applied.

It is true that there are currently many communication channels to connect with prospects and customers. In the face of other emerging technologies like social media ads, native advertising, retargeting, and smartphone alerts, email might seem old and it is.

However, this does not mean that it is obsolete, on the contrary, email automation is part of its evolution to consolidate itself as one of the most effective means of generating leads, as well as constituting a solid contact channel.

What is email automation?

It is a way to support and optimize email marketing strategies by sending emails in an automated way.

This is done using triggers or programs previously defined by the user. It no longer refers only to the mass dispatch of emails but in a programmed and automatic way.

Mail automation application cases

There are several scenarios in which it is appropriate to use email automation, identifying them and making the most of them will increase the probability of generating conversions.

1. Welcome message

The moment a website visitor subscribes to the newsletter, their data is automatically added to the contact list. Through this event, you have the first opportunity to create a connection by sending a welcome email.

Reiterating your value proposition, setting expectations or surprising with a gift such as a coupon or downloadable bonus content, are some ideas that work very well.

2. Incorporation

After having attracted a subscriber, you can guide them to take advantage of all the potential of your website.

An explanatory email on how to correctly complete their profile, as well as showing the characteristics of the site are usually very useful in this situation. These onboarding actions help the user to become familiar with your website.

3. Abandoned cart

In the cases of online stores, it is possible to recover conversions by providing timely information that prompts the visitor to finish their purchase process. Sending an email after 24 hours of an abandoned cart is recommended. Offering complementary products or some kind of coupon can help the customer make the decision.

4. Downloadable content

Creating the scenarios to get data through registration in contact forms is a common practice in digital marketing.

Provide downloadable content such as eBooks, guides, podcasts, videos or infographics using a landing page will provide the email and personal data of users interested in your content.

In order to incorporate them into the workflow that will later provide them with information about your products or services.

Other cases where email automation can be used include:

  • Follow-up and qualification of clients.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of contact list.
  • Reactivation of inactive customers.

In short, email automation is an essential support tool for marketing strategies. It will certainly facilitate customization, minimize errors, increase your brand awareness, nurture potential customers and improve the capabilities of the sales team in general.

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