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The importance of email in business communication

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Email is the digital medium par excellence to support the communication process in companies. Learn about the aspects that make this tool an essential element in the structure of organizations.

It seems incredible that in 1971 the first email was sent giving the world the possibility of breaking down barriers by sending a message to any place on the planet immediately. But it was in the late 1980s that Microsoft professionalized the use of email by making it available to everyone.

It has been a long time and today it is almost impossible for someone living in the digital world not to have an email address.

It is true that now there are other ways to contact each other such as instant messaging, social networks and even through phone calls and video calls. However, email is literally a person’s mailbox on the Internet. In turn, it is a fixed way to find yourself among so many emerging platforms that perhaps risk going out of style.

E-mail addresses even function as identifiers (IDs) to create accounts and enter different websites and applications. Like email managers, they have evolved to go beyond just managing messages. They have evolved into robust information storage, meetinghouse and file sharing platforms.

Furthermore, in the business environment, email is the most formal means of establishing contact. Likewise, it is the best way to maintain communication and support the exchange of messages.

Why use business email?

These are some of the reasons why it is convenient to implement the use of emails in companies:

1. It constitutes a means of protocol communication

An email with elements of the corporate image accompanied by a signature is perfectly considered an official document of the company. Additionally, any agreement established in its content is taken as a commitment.

2. It works as a record

A great advantage of using email for both internal and external communication of an organization, resides in that it works as a record of the messages sent and received. In this way, there is a record of requests and responses, where those involved are clearly visible, as well as the date and time of each action that is carried out.

Many times, it is necessary to follow up on a case, report tasks or review a history of events. In this sense, it is very easy to keep track of related emails and use them as support. The latter cannot be done with personal conversations or phone calls, for example.

3. It facilitates the organization of information

Email platforms offer different functionalities to organize information. It is possible to highlight messages, use filters, create labels and group them according to a particular topic, in addition to storing attachments. Likewise, you have the alternative of sending the same email to multiple recipients.

4. It doesn’t interrupt work activities

Another benefit of using email is that messages can be reviewed at the appropriate times. It is possible to spend a few minutes every certain period of time or when you really have the opportunity to pay enough attention to read and respond.

5. It generates a sense of belonging

Assigning a business email address to an employee will inevitably make him or her feel like part of the work team and identify with the corporation. Keep in mind that professional email addresses have the name, position or department accompanied by the name of the company. Such as:, or

There are many other advantages of having personalized email as an effective means of communication in companies, we also remind you that at Akky we have different email options ideal for your project or business.

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