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Get more conversions on your website

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Achieving conversions on a website to transform visitors into customers or subscribers may seem difficult to do; however, it can be accomplished by taking the right actions.

Conversions are usually the main goals of a website. This can be achieved in different ways: the user fills out a form, subscribes to a service or makes a purchase.

In order to make more sales and increase the number of customers, it is not only necessary to have more traffic on the website. It is also important that during the visit, the users are consolidated as customers.

To increase the conversion rate on the site, it is necessary to apply tools and actions that encourage the user. It is possible that when testing the actions, you may enter a trial and error stage to see which one works the best.

Here are 5 ways to increase the conversion rate on a website:

  • Invite to action

To ensure that users become subscribers it is necessary to put call-to-action buttons. The moment in which these come out can vary.

For the buttons to stand out on the site, they must be visible and have a color that prevails over the others.

  • Reduce the loading time

Users often leave pages that don’t load quickly. There are software and pages that help you reduce loading time and analyze improvement points. The best practice is to use images that are not too heavy.

  • Focus on the user experience

As with the loading time, there are elements that can improve or hinder the user experience. Visitors need to access a page that is visually appealing, accessible, and intuitive. The goal is that the user has no problems navigating the site.

  • Adapt to the mobile format

Currently, the smartphone is one of the most used devices to access the Internet. According to the Study of the Habits of Internet Users in Mexico 2018, 76% of users connect through their mobile device. Therefore, if a website is not adapted for it, it will most likely be abandoned.

  • Have an inbound marketing strategy

The final objective of inbound marketing or attraction marketing, is to make conversions from users to customers. What the inbound marketing methodology seeks is to accompany the customer from the beginning of their purchase process or approach to the brand and, eventually, make them a promoter of the company. This is achieved with useful, relevant and valuable content; you will be able to attract customers through different channels such as blogs, social networks and browsers.

In order to achieve the conversions, a trial and error stage is necessary to see what best suits the website and the service it offers. Finally, it is important to remember that content on the Internet is highly visual. Therefore, having audiovisual content in conjunction with the aforementioned tools can convert a user into a customer.