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How to choose the perfect color for your website

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Color is an important element for a website’s design, but what things should we consider to choose the right colors?

Last week, we were talking about the importance of choosing the right font for your website. This week I will talk to you about another very important element that we should consider in the design of our site: Color.

You may be thinking that color is not really important and, in the end, it is something that people do not even notice, but color can have a direct and strong impact on the perception of people to your business or brand.

But, how do you know which colors are the most suitable for your website?

Every color transmits and projects certain emotions and feelings, either consciously or unconsciously. For example, which color makes you feel more relaxed: blue or red? I’m sure everyone answered blue.

So, the first thing you need to define is what message you want your business and website to project and then choose the colors that go according to that message.

Now, I will present a list with the main colors and their meanings to help you choose the more suitable ones for your website.


This color is extremely striking and strong; it’s the color we associate with love, passion and intensity.

The red color also increments the appetite, for this reason the color is used by a lot of food chains like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, and others.


Yellow is the color of the sun and that’s why it’s not a surprise that it’s often associated with warmth, joy and vitality.

Same as red, this is a color also associated with food and appetite.


Orange is known as the color of youth, that’s why it’s commonly used by brands focused on youth and child marketing like Nickelodeon and Fanta.

Other concepts associated with this color are friendship and happiness.


This is a color associated with luxury, creativity, imagination and mystery.

Some popular brands that use this color are the search engine Yahoo!, the chocolate brand Cadbury and Fedex.


Green is the color of plants and therefore is the color that represent best the natural, the organic and freshness.

If your business or project has an environmentalist and sustainable focus, this is the ideal color to incorporate in your website.


This color projects security, professionalism, calmness and confidence.

Blue is also a color commonly associated with innovation and technology, that’s why it’s used by informatics companies like Dell and HP, as well as by the biggest names of the Internet like Facebook and Twitter.


Black color represents elegance, sophistication, formality and authority.

This color is highly used by luxury clothing brands, like Channel and Prada, and in general by any product and accessory that wants to project distinction and class.


As you can see, through the colors of your website, you can transmit the essence of your brand or business.