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How to get people to stay longer on your website

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The time people spend on your website has a huge impact on your search engine rankings. Here are some tips to help you increase the time spent on your site.

One of the main objectives of any website should be to ensure that visitors spend as much time as possible browsing through it. But why should we want this?

One obvious reason is that we want visitors to see and learn about our products or services (and in the case of a blog we want them to stay and read our content). But the time visitors spend on our site also affects our search engine rankings, like on Google.

This has to do with the bounce rate of our website. It is considered a bounce when a visitor enters a site and leaves it almost immediately, without visiting any other page within it. A very high bounce rate negatively affects a site’s ranking.

Here are some tips to help you get people to stay longer on your website:

1. Make sure your font is legible

This first point is very basic, but it can have a big impact. If visitors can’t read any of the content on your site because the font is completely unreadable, the visitor is likely to leave the site in just a few seconds.

2. Use internal links

This is a very useful tip to get people to stay longer and visit more pages within your site. Within your articles and notes, be sure to include links to other articles and content related to the topic you are talking about. This is one of the best ways to motivate visitors to stay on your site.

3. Create attractive and visual content

The content that you present has to be attractive, not only in your message but also in your presentation. For example, in the case of an article it is important that it has a title, subtitle and, preferably, supporting images and videos. If you present only a block of text, without any formatting or design, people will not stay to read it.

4. Avoid intrusive and annoying elements

If when entering a site the visitor is attacked by annoying elements, such as a huge pop-up; it is very likely that he or she will leave the site quickly. The more comfortable the visitor feels on our site, the more time they will spend on it.

We hope that these tips will help you increase the time spent on your website and also reduce your bounce rate. Remember that you can monitor and measure your results using Google Analytics.

Do you have any other tips you want to share?