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How to improve the positioning of your website in Google

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Get your website to appear in the first places in Google searches by following these tips.

Once you have your website complete and ready to present it to the world, it is obvious that you want a large number of people to see it. And you will ask yourself, what can I do to achieve this?

A good place to start is to get your site to appear on the first page of Google results. This will increase the chances that people will see your website and visit it.

In a past article I told you about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). To refresh your memory a little, when we talk about SEO we refer to all those organic processes and actions that help improve the visibility of a website in browsers, such as Google.

Here are some SEO tips that will help you improve the positioning of your website.

1. Use the correct keywords (without saturating)

Keywords are those phrases or words that users use when doing a search and that Google strives to answer in the best possible way.

For this reason it is essential that you use the correct keywords on your site. To know which keywords to use, I recommend that you do a little research. For example, you can see which keywords your competition is using and you can also use tools like Google Trends to see which words have a higher search volume.

Once you have the correct keywords, use them strategically in the texts and content of your website, but be careful with this, because we recommend not to fall into unnecessary saturation.

2. Get backlinks

When we talk about backlinks, or external links, we are referring to the links that other websites make to ours.

The importance of getting these links is that they help considerably to give more relevance to your site in the eyes of Google, which results in a better positioning.

To generate the backlinks, you can use social networks as well as blogs and discussion forums relevant to your type of website.

3. Spend time creating original content

We have to talk about the importance of generating original and quality content for your website. Ideally, you should seek to integrate the keywords you found in your research into your content.

And remember that content doesn’t have to be just text. Do not forget audiovisual content, such as images, videos, podcasts, etc.

4. Analyze and measure your results

Lastly, do not forget the importance of the analysis and measurement process to know if the actions you are applying on your site are generating the desired results.

It is recommended that you invest a little time learning to use tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, with which you can obtain very valuable data about the visitors who come to your site, their behavior within it, bounce rate, and other things.

With a correct analysis, you will be able to make the corresponding adjustments to improve the positioning of your website.


Achieving a good position in Google is essential for the success of any website. Remember that there is currently a lot of competition on the Internet and therefore, if your website appears on the first search places, it will significantly increase the number of people who see your site and your offer.

Spending time on the SEO of your website is something that over time will give you benefits for your business or project.