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How to know if your website is useful

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Having an attractive and functional website is a key for attracting customers, generating traffic and communicating with users. But how do you know if your website is useful?

A website is one of the primary tools to carry out a successful inbound marketing strategy. However, if it does not have good usability, its construction will be in vain.

A website may have different elements that make it useful or not for users. Due to the variety of available options in any market, customers have more control over purchasing processes. Therefore, having a website that is focused on usability and customer is no longer an option but rather a necessity.

A website with usability has a simple design, 38% of people stop interacting with a website if the content is not attractive or if it’s not focused on the customer. Also, two-thirds of people prefer to read something with an attractive and natural design than a flat one, and 44% of visits will leave a company site if it does not have contact information or a phone number. (GoGulf, 2018)

Once the above characteristics are considered to create or remake the website, the following actions should be considered to analyze its usability.

  • Know the target audience

The behavior of the customers must be analyzed, as well as their needs, demands and expectations.

  • Improve loading speed

The speed with which the content of the site loads must be the most optimal since it is one of the most important elements on any website.

  • Understandable call to actions

According to Go Gulf, a web design company, 70% of small business websites do not have call to actions on their home pages. That, they added, is the reason they fail to convert visitors into consumers.

  • Mobile friendly design

According to the study of Habits of Internet Users in Mexico 2018, 76% of Mexicans usually use mobile devices to connect. Therefore, an attractive and easy-to-use mobile design is essential.

  • Choose useful design tools

Thanks to web developers, there are different tools that can be implemented for a website depending on the needs. To verify that these are useful and fulfill their purpose, it is necessary to test the site before making it public.

Other data provided by Go Gulf and which may be useful to remember is that 86% of people are looking to find products and services on the website and 64% search for information or contact forms of the company.

Finally, the usability of a website depends on its objective and the specific needs of each client. In order to know if the site has optimal usability, the best option will always be to study and analyze the market.