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How to measure and analyze the traffic of your website?

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Here are some tools which will help you to discover how much traffic is coming to your website.

If you have a website or blog, it’s very probable that are you’re curious about how many people visit your site.

This makes perfect sense, since our goal in creating a site is for people to see our content or what we are offering on it.

There are different tools, from the most basic and simple to more advanced and complex, that can help us measure the amount of traffic, or visits, that are arriving at our site.

In addition, these tools also offer us other valuable information about the behavior of visitors that can be quite useful.

Here is a list of free and paid tools that you can use to measure traffic on your website.

1. Google Analytics

This service has been offered by Google since 2006 and is currently one of the most popular analytics services on the web.

Analytics has a wide variety of statistical and analysis tools, and it also offers you predetermined reports as well as customizable ones.

In addition to giving you the number of visits, Analytics also offers you data such as:

  • Duration of visits
  • Sociodemographic data of visitors, such as location, language, etc.
  • Behavior of visitors within the site. This includes the number of pages visited, displacement between them, etc.

Lastly, it is important to mention that Analytics offers a free version and a more complete paid version.

2. Alexa

Like Google Analytics, Alexa allows you to measure the traffic on your website and analyze the characteristics and behavior of your visitors.

In addition, Alexa, also allows you to find and research the sites of your competitors. This will help you have a clearer view of where your website is in a broader context.

Another advantage of this tool is that it can make recommendations based on the traffic history and statistics of your website.

These recommendations are very good to help you improve the reach of your site and drive more traffic to it.

Alexa does not have a free version, but it does offer a 7-day free trial.

3. StatCounter

One of the main features of StatCounter is that it provides us with statistics of the website in real time.

StatCounter gives you a summary of traffic, location statistics (country, city, region, ISP), system statistics (operating system, browser, resolution), keyword analysis in search engines, and other things.

This tool is compatible with almost all platforms, such as WordPress, Wix, Drupal, Blogger, etc.

StatCounter offers a free version, as well as different payment plans depending on the needs of your site.


Knowing the amount of traffic your website receives, as well as the characteristics and behavior of visitors, is very important to be able to objectively evaluate its performance.

In addition, the analysis of statistics can also give us ideas of things we can do to increase traffic to our site.

Do you know any other web analytics tool?