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Improve the link building of your website

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Link building is recognized as a key action to improve the positioning of a website and also a brand. We will show you the best strategies to do it.

Link building is one of the fundamental tools that make up SEO. This, at the same time, is essential to guarantee brand visibility and recognition on the Internet. The better SEO is built, the more likely the brand will be to appear on the first page of browsers like Google or Yahoo.

To successfully escalate in search engines, the links you place on your website – known as backlinks – are a vital role. But how is efficient link building done? We show you 5 ways to do it:

  • Create valuable content

Creating valuable content increases the likelihood that users will like or share that content. Content is the first and most important element of a site, because it will be responsible for bringing people back to the site.

  • Use “question-based” sites

There are sites that have forums where people seek to solve their questions, such as Yahoo Answers. There you can search for questions regarding to the brand. It is advisable to answer those questions by taking them to the website. That way every time someone searches for something similar, they will find that answer. It is a key to resolve their question, otherwise the brand would acquire a bad reputation.

  • Create links from trusted websites

If the backlinks you get are from relevant and trusted sites, search engines will consider the website as an authoritative source. For example, Wikipedia is a highly relevant website for search engines. So making a link that leads to the page will improve the ranking of the backlinks.

  • Includes internal links

Internal links are very important to keep people on your website. To do this, link one of your pages in a key phrase that is related to it. This helps decrease the bounce rate and improves the indexing capacity of the site. Plus, you can add links that complement your blog posts as long as they make sense. In this way, users will have no need to leave your site.

  • Analyze the competition

To analyze how competitors have obtained backlinks, there is analytical software you can use. One of them is SEMrush. This tool allows you to compare different domains for backlink analysis. It even offers the ability to search for and remove toxic links on the web.