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How to choose the right SSL certificate for your website

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The data security that your website can offer is essential to generate trust among visitors. Discover the different types of SSL certificates and choose the right one for your site based on its functionality.

One of the basic security aspects that every website must have is an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. Through it, it is possible to exchange data and files through a secure connection between the server and the user.

The SSL certificate of your website will encrypt the data so that it cannot be decrypted in the event of any fraudulent extraction.

In this way, customers and subscribers can carry out login operations, online purchases and other actions that involve the exchange of personal and confidential data, without the risk of being used by third parties.

Some indicators that a website has the SSL certificate enabled are:

  • Your URL begins with the prefix “https” instead of “http”.
  • An icon of a closed padlock is displayed to the left of the URL.
  • A green address bar appears.
  • A trust seal is visible.

SSL certificate types

There are several types of certificates that adapt to the characteristics and requirements of each website. Let’s see what they are:

A) According to the number of domains or subdomains
  1. Unique: Provides security to a fully qualified domain or subdomain name (FQDN).
  2. Wildcard: Covers an unlimited number of subdomains that belong to a main domain.
  3. Multi-domain: Ideal for securing several domain names for the same person or company.
B) According to the level of validation

Domain Validation Certificate (DV SSL)

This type of certificate verifies the domain registration holder, it is recommended for blogs and informative websites. A website that has an DV SSL displays the security protocol “https” and the padlock symbol in its web address.

Organization Validation Certificate (OV SSL)

OV SSL guarantees the veracity of the domain owner and the organization. It is mainly used by educational and governmental institutions to prove their legality. In this case, sites with OV certificates can display the company name and country of origin code, as well as the padlock and “https”.

Extended Validation Certificate (EV SSL)

It is the certificate that offers the highest level of security because it requires the fulfillment of a series of additional requirements by the consortium of the SSL certificate industry. It is perfect for websites that need the entry of personal data to login or any type of transaction.

Institutions and businesses such as banks and online stores use this type of certificate. When a site is EV certified you can notice that the address bar turns green.

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