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The 3 best alternatives to Wix

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Wix is ​​the most popular site builder but it is not the only one. Here are 3 great alternatives to Wix.

In past articles I have talked to you about the importance of having a professional website for your business or project.

Website builders are an excellent solution to create our site quickly and easily, even if we have no knowledge of web programming. Currently the most popular site builder (and the one you probably know) is Wix.

But it is important to remember that this is not the only option we have.

This time, I would like to present you 3 alternative platforms to Wix that can also help you create your professional website.

These alternatives are: Weebly, Jimdo and Webnode.

I would like to mention that in this list I did not include Pagevamp, an alternative that I had mentioned previously, because this platform has a very different system to that of Wix and the other site builders.

Pagevamp connects directly to Facebook and uses the information and photos from your Fanpage to create your website. A very simple process that also offers you excellent results!


Weebly is a platform that is growing in an incredible way, currently having more than 40 million users worldwide.

The main advantage of this site builder is that it has a very easy to use page editor, you just have to drag and drop the elements.

It is also important to mention that with Weebly you can edit and manage your site from any device.

One of the common complaints of this platform is the quality of the templates, but Weebly currently offers much more modern and high-quality designs.

The most significative disadvantage of this platform is that it does not allow you to customize the templates too much, unless you have programming knowledge and can modify the code.

Weebly offers a free version with advertising and 3 payment plans: Starter, Pro and Business.


Today, more than 20 million websites have been created using the Jimdo platform. Jimdo offers basically the same functions and features as Weebly.

The platform has a simple and intuitive page editor and it also has an app that allows you to modify your site from your Smartphone.

In addition Jimdo now offers a new function called Dolphin, where this page promises to create your website in just 3 minutes.

Another advantage of Jimdo is that its free version is fully featured, so you can test the platform first without making any investment.

In addition to the free version, Jimdo offers 2 paid versions – Pro and Business.


Webnode currently has 30 million users worldwide. One of the main advantages of this platform is that it allows you to create multilingual pages very easily, unlike other site builders.

So if you are interested in having the content of your page in two or more languages ​​this can be an excellent option.

As a disadvantage, the online store function offered by Webnode is not the best. So this is not the best option for people looking to sell.

Webnode does not offer a totally free version, but its packages have very affordable prices starting from $54 Mexican pesos.


As you can see Wix is ​​not your only alternative to create a website. Each of the platforms that I presented you has its advantages and disadvantages.

My recommendation is that you do the test with the free version (if it has one) first so that you can see which platform you feel most comfortable with.

I also remind you that Pagevamp is a very good option for those people who are Facebook users.