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The elements you must include on your home page

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The home page is the face of your website, be sure to use those key elements that will help you make a great first impression.

By using the templates available in the content managers, anyone can build a home page, but to be able to represent the personality of the business, to be visually pleasing, to offer an intuitive reading and also to keep the user interested, that’s another thing!

Combining the graphic elements and functionality according to the type of activity of your business, the market niche and what you want to project, it’s a real challenge.

However, there are some basic elements that cannot be left out when designing your home page to take it to a professional and competitive level in the face of the current demands of Internet users. From there you can already give free rein to creativity giving it that personal touch that will end up shaping your company’s web presence.

Let’s see then what are the elements that undoubtedly should be on your home page:

1. Menu

Defining the content categories the site will have in order to create the menu structure is essential. It is recommended to use a maximum of 6 main options and, if necessary, include secondary options within these.

Choosing a readable font, high contrast colors between the text and the background, and highlighting the elements that are indicated by the cursor using effects such as Mouse Over, are good ideas to consider.

2. Call to action

The CTAs or Call to Action will tell the visitor what to do on the site such as “see more”, “make your reservation”, “free trial” or “download our free eBook”, it all depends on the objective you are looking for. But first you must explain your product or service very well through videos or images, as well as describing the benefits of these to motivate people to take the action you want.

3. Client list

One strategy that can be used to build trust is to publish the logos of representative clients or business partners. Likewise, adding testimonials that attest to the quality of your products or services gives a significant plus to your business.

4. Contact information

Information such as telephone numbers, addresses and emails seem obvious, but the intention is to provide clear information and add the necessary means to facilitate contact in case of doubts, concerns and request for quotes. Enabling forms and chats would be a good option too.

5. Links to social media

Social media buttons can be placed in the navigation bar or at the footer. Don’t waste the opportunity to offer the visitor different ways to get to your content and connect with your brand.

To conclude, you must keep in mind that the home page is the presentation of your business. In addition to having a pleasant design and intuitive navigability, it is important that it clearly shows what your company is dedicated to, what you offer and the benefits obtained by purchasing your products or services. Your home page is the lobby of your website.

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