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The most important web design trends of 2020

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Adapting to new web design trends is key to continue competing among millions of sites that daily try to attract the users’ attention.

Currently, among so much information, it is necessary that websites transmit clear and concrete messages, just as it is essential to offer simple and intuitive experiences to attract and delight.

That is why harmony, clarity and order are aspects that cannot be missed in this 2020, without neglecting the value of content and the quality of the visual details, of course.

For this year there are some web design ideas that are still valid, while others are gaining strength. But you will definitely want to find out about the new trends that will undoubtedly help you achieve that avant-garde style on your site.

Let’s take a walk through the most relevant trends:

Previously, images and videos were already being used as large-scale elements by occupying the full width of the screen, especially in the page headers. However, now giant fonts are incorporated into the design to try to captivate the user immediately and at a glance.

Regarding the text as the protagonist, it is recommended to use a maximum of two or three types of font, making sure that they relate very well to each other and reflect the characteristics of the brand. Keep in mind that those that are in manuscript or handmade style convey familiarity and warmth, but they should not be used in excess because they can make reading difficult.

Accurately combining animations, gifs, illustrations and other dynamic effects allows you to create a distinctive and unique visual impact of the virtual version of your business. Using background videos, blocks that scroll at a different speed than the rest of the content (known as the Parallax effect) and hover effects that cause a specific element to be altered when you roll over it, are some of the techniques that you can use to give dynamism to your website.

Other tools that give movement to the content are the horizontal accordions and the column compositions that appear as the user scrolls across the screen. But it is the 3D designs with vibrant colors that will make that contrast that is necessary to capture the attention of visitors in an irresistible way during 2020.

Something that is very useful when communicating more than one idea on the same screen, is to use merged or divided content creating two halves with individual designs. In this case, it is recommended to place a central element that unites the parts, such as a button or a logo that balances the structure.

To summarize, everything is fair game when it comes to capturing creativity in the graphic part of a website, just as long as it gives the visitor a fluid and pleasant experience. There are additional techniques aside from those already mentioned that allow the user to be directed to where we are interested, as well as promoting rapid online reading such as: grids and windows, hidden navigation, overlapping elements and sticky bars that make them focus their attention where it suits us.

Taking advantage and properly combining all these visual aspects is a great challenge, you have to be very careful not to overload the site or create a mess with the information you want to show. However, it is a great advantage to have so many options to give you that ideal image according to the personality of your brand.

Finally, keep in mind loading times, incorporate user interaction tools such as chatbots and contact forms, and make sure that the design of your site is adaptable to mobile devices.

We wish you success with creating or updating your website!