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Advantages of having a blog on your website

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A blog is an important resource in digital marketing strategies. Whatever your business model or market niche, integrating it into your website will bring you multiple advantages.

It is true that social networks are a support to gain visibility, create community and bring traffic to the web, however, through a blog you can go a little further.

This ideal complement for your website, will allow to streamline its operation regardless of its objective.

Benefits of having a blog

There are several types of websites, such as corporate or institutional portals and online stores, to name a few. In them you can find informative content, product and service presentations, among other things.

But a blog is the only web space designed to publish articles periodically, offering valuable content related to the activity of your business.

A blog is the perfect way to drive traffic to your website. Although the pages of the site comply with some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) parameters, it is much more likely that users will reach your blog when they consult in search engines topics and keywords that have to do with your proposal.

In this way, you can direct visitors to strategic places on your website, depending on the goal you want to achieve. In this case, through the published texts, you have the opportunity to connect news or information with the promotion of your commercial offer and make your brand known.

You even have the possibility of attracting prospects by acquiring their contact information in subscription forms, and then treating them with email marketing campaigns.

In addition to this, having a blog provides added value to your business. The fact of giving your customers something more than products and services can become a differential element. The information and knowledge that you convey through publications will obviously be appreciated.

On the other hand, making periodic deliveries of content pieces will give your company authority as a benchmark in the market. Speaking properly regarding issues related to your products and services will undoubtedly generate trust, which in the long run contributes to customer conversion and loyalty.

Blog or social media?

You may be thinking that your brand’s digital presence on social media is enough. It is true that these virtual spaces are of great support for marketing strategies, but they by themselves do not contribute to the SEO positioning of your website.

Likewise, posts on social media tend to get lost in time. That is, their visibility is temporary. As long as a blog post remains on the Internet and if properly optimized, it can appear in search engine results lists at any time.

In this sense, some valuable tips that will help you achieve the latter can be found in our SEO Guide.

In addition, it is advisable to also rely on tools such as Yoast to determine if your content complies with the elements that search engines take into account to favor their positioning.

Does your website already have a blog? Tell us about your experience on social media.