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Google tools to boost your website

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There is no doubt that taking advantage of the resources that Google makes available to everyone will bring multiple benefits to your website. Use the best tools and enhance the digital version of your business to the maximum.

Understandably, the first thing that comes to mind for anyone who hears the word “Google” is the world’s most popular search engine.

However, this corporation is increasingly going much further by incorporating technological solutions in different areas such as: analytics, cloud computing, advertising and other tools that allow optimal management of information on the web.

As if that were not enough, Google is also committed to free training for its users. Through its online courses for beginners or advanced levels, different options can be found in the categories of digital marketing, professional development, data and technology.

With programs of less than 2 hours to others with more than 20 hours in duration, different schools, foundations and universities provide, together with Google, the best educational content to promote business and professional careers.

Let’s now look at 5 Google resources that you can use to improve the performance of your website and your business:

1. Google Analytics

It is a powerful tool through which you have the opportunity to view reports that show user behavior on your website. The possibility of discovering the way in which visitors interact with the content, allows to know their preferences and then offer them better experiences.

2. Google Search Console

This service allows you to monitor and improve the positioning of a website in search results, as well as to solve related problems. Its main function is to confirm that Google can crawl and find your site.

3. Google Trends

Trends allows you to know what the world is looking for in a clear and simple way. Through graphs, it shows the behavior of the keywords of your interest in a specific period, globally or in a specific location. Observing trends in keywords, brands and products is very convenient to create more effective marketing campaigns.

4. Google Pay

GPay is the payment platform that offers greater simplicity and speed. Its versatility reduces customer buying time and helps increase conversions. With the wide reach that Google has worldwide, without commissions and easy to configure, this tool offers excellent results for websites and apps.

5. Google My Business

Having a free business profile on Google helps you connect with potential customers using Maps and the search engine. More than a tab with basic data, you can use it to show offers and photos, highlight your value proposition and interact.

There are many other tools and resources that Google has available to support digital business growth. Taking advantage of these opportunities that the experts of the web give away, will obviously help to enhance your website by keeping it at the forefront.

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