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How to choose the correct hosting for my website

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If you want your business to have a digital presence on the web, hiring a hosting service is essential. Learn about those key aspects that you should consider to choose the ideal hosting for your website.

Any landing page, online store, blog or corporate website must necessarily use a hosting service. Today we are at the forefront of technological evolution and digital transformation, ensuring the proper functioning of a website is a basic and essential element. In this sense, the place where your website lives is a determining element in the success of an online business.

What is hosting?

It is clear that to access a website, its address is entered in the browser or a link is clicked. What happens immediately after is that a connection is established with the server where the site is hosted.

That server or host is a computer connected to the network through a specific IP code and a domain, which offers certain services. In this way, the files that make up the structure and functionality of the web pages, as well as the database of your site, are stored on said server.

This allows to protect them and have them available quickly and safely every time a user wants to access it, navigate and even perform actions such as data registration or online purchases.

Aspects to consider when choosing a good hosting

There are many companies that offer hosting services, but that does not mean that you have to choose just any one. It is important to compare capabilities and performance to define the appropriate hosting for your website.

That is why before choosing what will be the home of your website, you must make sure that it meets some requirements such as the ones we name below:

1. Storage space and transfer rate

The content of your website takes up a certain amount of physical disk space. Generally, hiring between 1 and 5 GB is fine, but if the hosting provider has a plan higher than this, you could consider it thinking about the scalability of your site in the future.

Likewise, it is important to guarantee the highest possible loading speed of the pages, as well as their availability. In favor of this, Solid State Drive (SSD) disks have better performance than traditional disks or Hard Drive Disks (HDD).

On the other hand, bandwidth also plays an important role at this point. If your website is corporate or it is a blog, it is likely that you only need 1 Gb of monthly transfer. However, for online stores it is recommended to have up to 5 Gb.

2. Email accounts

There are hosting services that include packages with a certain amount of personalized email addresses with the domain of your website. This is very convenient when it comes to providing a professional image and doing email marketing.

3. Friendly interface

Managing your website does not have to be complicated, some hosting providers have control panels that are easier to use than others. This will help you when managing email accounts and the database, reviewing statistics and even inserting or modifying code.

4. Support

Ensuring the stability and good performance of your website requires an immediate response to any incident or problem. Having a customer support team on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through different service channels is essential.

Finally, before you start looking for alternatives to hire the right hosting, be clear about the requirements of your website so that you know exactly which hosting fits perfectly in your case.

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