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Mistakes to avoid when creating your website

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Avoid these mistakes and boost the good performance of your website, from the very beginning.

Creating a website undoubtedly covers many aspects full of details. In this sense, there are some key elements that if used improperly can greatly affect the performance of the site.

Learn to identify those mistakes that should be avoided and build a professional site, according to the goals you want to achieve.

1. Not having a specific goal

Before going into technical details, it is important to mention that the first mistake that can be made is not presenting your project clearly. The purpose of your website must be explicit and understandable from the first glance. Messy, excessive, or confusing information will definitely cause users to leave the site quickly.

2. Unattractive design

Perhaps your products or services are of very good quality, but if you neglect the design of your virtual showcase, it is very likely that you will not cause much interest in them. Be careful with the use of colors that annoy or strain the eyes, poorly legible fonts or dynamic elements that interrupt the reading.

3. Complicated navigation

Navigating your website should be an intuitive matter. Use sections and calls to action (CTA) to direct users where they interest you. The best practice in this case is to create a path from left to right and from top to bottom, as well as placing the most important information in the upper left.

Avoid using menus indiscriminately and make sure that users can easily return to the starting point.

4. Poor content

It is incredible at this point to find websites with little worked texts, with spelling errors or obviously copied content. From a product description to a blog article, they must convey the essence of your brand. Likewise, as far as images and videos are concerned. Make sure that all the content on your website has visual quality, is original, understandable and of value.

5. Slow loading pages

It seems too obvious, but it is worth emphasizing that the loading time is decisive for a visitor to stay or leave. Although there are studies that the patience available for this is 3 seconds, it is best to minimize it as much as possible.

Some tips to achieve this are to reduce the weight of the images (in bytes) and use less than 50 individual pieces of content on each page.

In addition to the above, let’s make a small list of other mistakes that you cannot afford to make if you want your website to stay at the forefront in the competitive world of the Internet:

  • Show outdated information.
  • Not incorporating data security mechanisms.
  • Hidden contact information.
  • Do not use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.
  • Lack of interactive customer service elements.
  • Not adapting the design to mobile devices.
  • Presence of broken links.
  • Abusing pop-up windows.

In short, if you are at that point of creating your website or you already have one up and running, it is possible to consider these mistakes and take actions to avoid or correct them. Every detail of the design and functionality counts to generate the impact you want, as well as to project your brand and offer the service that your customers deserve.

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