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Tips to create great restaurant websites

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Restaurant websites are an excellent opportunity to make a great first impression on future diners. It is worth considering these interesting tips that can be very useful when creating your restaurant’s website.

Restaurants do not escape the need for digital presence. Before deciding whether o not to visit a place or purchase a product or service, people often search the web for information. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to be on the Internet and to have the right information.

By virtue of this, let’s see some recommendations to consider when creating and updating this type of website:

Transmit the essence of the restaurant

Make sure that the design of the site perfectly reflects the characteristics of the restaurant. Through fonts, colors and graphic elements, you can project the style and vibe of the place. Likewise, take advantage of this digital space to highlight the value that makes it stand out.

Show the star dishes

Present the most representative gastronomic proposal on the menu through high-resolution images captured by professional photographers in the area. Displaying an irresistible mouth-watering dish can get that page visitor to actually go to the restaurant to satisfy their craving.

Display the spaces

Choosing between one restaurant and another depends on many factors. Some of them have to do with: the occasion, comfort, taste for decoration, the reflection of order and hygiene, ease of access and parking, among other things. That is why it is important to expose both the exterior and interior spaces of your restaurant.

Tell stories

Create empathy and build trust by sharing in some way the history of the restaurant, its beginnings and emblematic stories of its staff or customers.

Perhaps having some videos of the chef or the service team, experiences or comments from the diners, could be a good idea. Also, do not hesitate to show off mentions from experts, recognitions, awards and certifications.

Show off the services

Seduce palates with an attractive and detailed menu. Even use creativity to incorporate ingredients and forms of preparation in the cases that you consider appropriate. Include contact forms for reservations and home orders if you offer those services.

Highlight your location

Place in a visible spot the location of the restaurant. Use any resource that indicates how to get there, travel time and possible access routes. In this sense, the Google Maps geolocation service is very convenient.

Finally, don’t forget to apply these essential digital marketing strategies:

Finally, it is worth mentioning that “food enters through the eyes”. So, photos and videos are the best allies when it comes to restaurants. Remember that your website can become a differentiator against the competition.

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