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Web design trends for 2021

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Discover the latest in web design and prepare your site to be up to date during the upcoming year.

2020 has been a decisive year for technological development, and web design is an aspect that has not been left behind.

In an increasingly digitized world, users have adapted to new ways of communicating, as well as conducting business and personal transactions of various kinds.

In turn, the number of websites and applications has increased exponentially. In this way, the competition to attract and persuade visitors to view the content and take the desired actions is quite fierce.

This is where web design plays a fundamental role. There is no doubt that it is becoming more and more necessary to offer attractive and user-friendly experiences that help achieve the website’s goals.

What will 2021 bring for web design?

1. Minimalist navigation

Simplicity takes center stage through clean designs. The linear format and the clear screen are details that mark the next days of the avant-garde websites.

Avoiding unnecessary elements will allow the user to focus on what is interesting.

2. Dark mode

The dark mode feature is becoming increasingly popular. This has a lot to do with the increasing use of mobile devices to navigate and use apps.

Soft, warm colors are also incorporated to minimize eye strain that results from screen exposure in the dark.

3. Floating elements and layers

Intensity is the word that best represents this innovative aspect of web design that uses floating images and soft shadows. The depth that is generated evokes a 3D effect that can also be applied to videos, texts and graphics.

4. Irregular designs

By 2021, generating closeness with users is essential. Creating humanistic effects with their own personality is possible through incomplete, exotic and imperfect designs. Hand-drawn images are ideal for this trend.

5. Voice interfaces

Virtual assistants and voice chatbots are far from disappearing from the web landscape. On the contrary, these technological tools are expected to improve their responsiveness, in addition to integrating more advanced options.

The way you look up information and take notes has definitely changed.

6. Loading speed

For users, the speed with which they get what they want becomes more important. More than half of people abandon a website whose loading speed takes more than 3 seconds.

Additionally, this item is considered by search engines to determine positioning. Instant loading pages will take the lead.

Before concluding, the efficient use of browsing data such as history and cookies that facilitate the provision of appropriate content according to the behavior of each user cannot be set aside.

On the other hand, data protection is another trend that will gain strength in the face of so much digital activity. Security and transparency are two valuable concepts that will intensify in 2021.

Finally, are you ready for the new web design trends? 2021 is just around the corner and the technological advances accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic do not wait.

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