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Why is a website better than a Facebook fanpage?

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It is clear that your business “must” have a presence on the Internet, but did you know that the best option is through a website?

Certainly, social networks play an important role in digital marketing strategies, especially Facebook, which is still the most used in the world. According to DataReportal statistics, by January 2020 there were approximately 2.4 billion active Facebook users, of which 60 million belonged to Latin America. In the case of Mexico, Statista points out that by May 2019, 99% of social media users had access to Facebook.

What is a Facebook fanpage for?

The data above indicates that it obviously seems very convenient to have a Facebook fanpage, but the big question is what can you achieve with this? This is where it should be noted that the purpose of social networks in general is to create community. A fanpage allows for you to:

  • Show products and services
  • Get to know the target audience
  • Do storytelling
  • Humanize the brand
  • Attract prospects
  • Interact with the audience
  • Establish a customer service and support channel
  • Carry out Facebook Ads campaigns
  • Generate traffic to your website

These actions are associated with improving digital reputation and increasing brand exposure. Undoubtedly, Facebook fanpages are valuable communication channels for any company. But it must be considered that people use social networks to precisely “socialize”, it is not usual that they enter with the intention of buying or hiring a service but in order to entertain themselves.

Advantages of having a website

A website is the ideal platform for business; it could be seen as the company’s offices and store. It is the place where visitors come after searching for what you offer.

Whereas a Facebook fanpage would be like a booth at a fair where passersby are strolling and come across an exhibit that might catch their eye. Maybe they take a flyer (which they often lose or throw away), or with better luck they have the interest and time to stop and listen to your proposal. The probability of closing a deal right there is really very low.

This analogy refers to the fact that using appropriate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, with a website you have the possibility of being found on Google searches directly related to the needs of users. On the other hand, the content of a Fanpage is shown organically only to 6% of its followers; and only 1 in 1,000 people interact with the publication that appears in front of them.

On the other hand, you are the “owner” of the website. This means that you can project the philosophy of the company through the structure and design of each page. You have the opportunity to stand out from the competition, in addition to managing the user experience perfectly according to the objectives you want to achieve. As much as you personalize a Facebook fanpage, it will be very similar to any other.

Another important point is that by having a website you have the power to obtain the contacts of visitors interested in your proposal using mechanisms that allow them to capture their emails. As well as the control of continuing with the conversion process and customer loyalty through email marketing techniques.

There are many more advantages of having your own website, such as:

  • The possibility of including Google Ads that generate additional income.
  • Have statistics using Google Analytics to help you measure the impact of the site’s performance, and to adjust your marketing and sales strategies.
  • Create content around keywords according to market demands, using tools such as Google Trends.


To build a complete, solid and reliable digital presence you need to have a website. However, complementing it with other digital tools such as a Facebook fanpage, or any other social network, is recommended and convenient. If you have a fanpage of your business, you already have a stretch of the way.

The good news is that there are easy and accessible options to turn a Facebook fanpage into a website, such as the Website Builder (PV Site) service offered by Akky. With this tool, the content of you fanpage is used to create an attractive and functional website in a fast and practical way. Likewise, both pages are synchronized in order to obtain automatic updates so that the publications made on Facebook appear reflected on the site, in addition to other useful benefits that this service provides.

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