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Yoast SEO: The best tool to position your website

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There are several effective strategies to position websites, but without a doubt Yoast SEO is a tool that substantially facilitates the work.

Adapting your website’s content to reach the first places in the search engine results is essential. Being able to have a tool that helps to improve all the possible details of organic positioning is a great advantage. Yoast SEO is the ideal solution for this.

Yoast was born as a WordPress plugin, however, its popularity led to its implementation in other CMS (Content Management Systems) such as Magento 2, NEOS and TYPO3. In addition to the possibility of being installed as a plugin, its real-time content analysis instrument can be used online.

How does Yoast SEO work?

Yoast is a tool that gives you references to adapt pieces of text to the demands of search engine algorithms. In addition to this, it also acts as an evaluator and makes suggestions when it comes to finding some aspect of the content to improve.

Among its most outstanding features are the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and readability analysis. This real-time content analysis, done after defining the keyword, allows you to enter the title, URL and meta description in the snippet, displaying a preview of how your page would look in the results list of a Google search.

On the other hand, some of the parameters that Yoast considers to determine if the content is optimized are:

  • Presence of images, subtitles, internal and external links in the content.
  • Use of transition words or phrases in at least 30% of the sentences.
  • Use of passive voice in less than 10% of the sentences.
  • Sentences with more than 20 words should not exceed 25% of the text.
  • The keyword must be included in the title, URL, subtitles, meta description and first paragraph. It also evaluates that the keyword has a maximum density of 2.5%, with respect to the total number of words in the text.

As recommended adjustments are made, Yoast displays a colored traffic light, indicating the optimization status of the content. In this way, the color red suggests that the text does not meet the required parameters. Orange reveals that the content is acceptable but can still be improved. Finally, green is the ideal status to achieve.

Reasons to use Yoast SEO

An important premise of Yoast is that it can be used by both experts and people who only have basic knowledge of SEO. Its templates or fill in spaces, intuitively invite you to meet optimization requirements. Additionally, the alerts and clear suggestions make it necessary to correct and improve the indicated aspects.

Another feature to highlight is that the Yoast plugin is very easy to install. One way is by downloading the plugin directly from the Yoast website. And the other is from the WordPress plugin directory available on the left panel, through the “tools” option.

Definitely, Yoast is a complement that you cannot miss in your CMS. With millions of downloads worldwide, this SEO marvel is among the 10 best plugins for WordPress.

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