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What is an SSL certificate and why do you need it?

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Find out why it is so important that your website has the SSL certificate in order to provide security and trust to all your visitors.

When visiting a website, have you noticed a small padlock to the left of the site’s URL in the browser? This padlock indicates that the website has the SSL certificate, which stands for Secure Socket Layer.

But what exactly does this certificate do?

The SSL certificate is a standard protocol that aims to keep a secure Internet connection between two systems and thus ensure that the information shared between them cannot be intercepted by third parties.

“The acronym SSL responds to the terms – (Secure Socket Layer), which is a security protocol that makes your data travel safely, that is, the transmission of data between a server and web user, and in feedback, it’s fully encrypted.”


Encryption algorithms are used to protect the information that is shared between the users and the website, which encrypt the data so that it cannot be read and recovered by hackers and other criminals.

For example, when shopping online this security protocol is very important since it prevents your personal data and bank card information from ending up in the wrong hands.

So, whenever you are going to make a purchase or payment online (or anytime you are going to share confidential information) make sure that the website has the SSL certificate.

To identify that the website is safe you can look for these visual indicators:

  • A padlock to the left of the URL
  • The URL prefix is ​​https instead of http
  • A stamp of trust
  • A green address bar

Now, why is it so important that your website or online store has the SSL certificate?

To begin with, since last July Google, the most widely used browser in the world, began to show websites that do not have an SSL security protocol as unsafe.

This means that your site can lose many visitors and potential customers due to not having the certificate.

The SSL certificate will give credibility to your business and will give your visitors the confidence and security to carry out transactions on your site with complete peace of mind.

Having the trust of your customers is really invaluable and it’s the most important reason to consider acquiring the SSL certificate.

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