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What is email marketing and how to use it?

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Email marketing, or mass mailing, can be an efficient way to communicate with customers and those people who constantly interact with a website.

Email marketing, or emailing, is an important strategy within digital marketing. This consists of sending emails to a database made up of current and / or potential customers.

Today there is a wide range of channels to communicate with the customers of a brand. You can communicate through social media, online chats and also mail. These channels offer an opportunity to create a meaningful approach with a customer or with someone who could become one.

These emails are a valuable way of sending certain messages to customers: you can communicate a promotion, newsletters, or some piece of relevant information (note, it must be of value to the customer).

In addition, email marketing has several advantages:

It is accessible:

It is a social channel whose mass communication does not require much expense and as it is one of the oldest, and it is likely that almost all customers have an email account.


By being able to make direct contact with the audience, there is more possibility of interaction and reciprocity.

Top of mind:

Being just being in their inbox, whether the email is read or not, will make customers more aware of the brand.

How do you start doing it? To start, the first thing you should have is an email and a database. This base is relatively easy to build.

Have you ever been asked for your email address to get the latest news of the brand? That pop-up along with a call to action is what is needed to gather emails and gradually create a solid database.

Once the emails are obtained, it will be necessary to have a tool that allows for creating, designing and sending mass emails. Some of these tools are free and they also offer the ability to view statistics to find out how many people opened the email and where they clicked.