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What is user experience and why does it matter?

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In a digital age where a large number of customers come through a screen, the user experience plays a fundamental role in the success or failure of a business.

It is becoming increasingly common to hear about the user experience. And to maintain a good level of competitiveness in the market it is important to keep in mind the experience that users have regarding a service. It is also the key to understand the customers so it will help them feel comfortable with the brand, through design, performance and stability.

Octavio Noguez, graduated in Communication and business specialist, synthesizes the user experience as a strategy that «defines, plans and carries out a customer-focused improvement program, where the results and experience that people have are optimized, when it connects with interfaces to make them more intuitive, easy to use and with more fluid interaction. »

This strategy plays a key role in the success or failure of a brand. According to Gerardo Flores, Vice President and General Manager of CA Technologies Mexico, 40 percent of users leave applications when it takes more than three seconds to execute or make a transaction. In other words, every second of delay, reduces the customer satisfaction to 16 percent.

For many, especially millennials and Generation Z, the first approach or experience with a brand is through mobile apps. So, the reputation of a company is at risk when its application does not work or the experience in it is not what was expected.

“Remember that the user does not tolerate delays, errors and difficult use, it takes a few seconds to delete an application and download another, and possibly this happens when the experience is not positive.”

Octavio Noguez

In addition, an investigation carried out by IMPACT, indicates that 54 percent of users feel frustrated or upset when a site is poorly optimized for mobile devices.

Thus, the optimization of different elements within a website, a landing page, an application or an e-commerce becomes essential to prevent users from abandoning one brand and going with another. Today the details that may seem “indispensable” to a company are of great importance to users.

To improve the user experience, it is necessary to apply a good strategy; one that involves a digital marketing strategy. To achieve this, we have 5 recommendations to improve the user experience:

1. Describe your product in a good way.

2. Analyze, understand and listen to the user.

3. Collect all kinds of feedback that can improve your service.

4. Try to make the experience as fast and accessible as possible.

5. Last but not least, apply a visually attractive and efficient design for users.


For companies, the user experience means greater understanding and adaptation to customer needs in order to improve the usability of their services. Knowing how the users think, as well as their experiences and feelings regarding the usability of a service is a task that can no longer be dispensed with.

By improving the user experience through design and efficiency, feelings and satisfaction will be generated that will make anyone a passionate and loyal customer.