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Why do you need a corporate email?

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Discover the advantages of using corporate email in your business or project.

Email is an essential tool for personal and professional use that we use almost every day.

Most of us have a personal email account. These accounts are usually free and offered by mail servers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

But when starting a business or professional project it is important to consider acquiring a corporate email.

A corporate email simply refers to an email address that can be personalized with your brand or business name. Unlike personal mail, corporate mail generally comes at a cost.

“Corporate mail, which is also called business or professional mail, is what is normally provided by hosting companies when a web hosting contract is acquired”.

Jose Cabello

But why pay for corporate email when you can have a free email account? Here are some of the most important reasons why you should consider creating a corporate email.

1. Seriousness and Prestige

Which of these two email addresses inspires you the most confidence – or

The answer is obvious. A personalized email address gives more seriousness, credibility and prestige to a business.

The email address helps to reinforce the corporate image of a company and to position the brand name within the minds of customers.

2. Greater Security

Although free email accounts do offer you a certain level of security, corporate email can offer you more levels of protection.

Companies offering these email services typically use specialized software on the company’s web servers to create additional filters, both for attachments and for intrusions and phishing actions.

These companies also protect you against data loss, making regular backups to prevent you from losing information.

3. More administration tools

By using corporate mail you will get tools to make your mailings more effective and productive.

For example, you can create lists or work groups for your employees to communicate and share materials and files in an easier and faster way.

4. Email Marketing

If you are interested in carrying out email marketing campaigns, having a corporate email is INDISPENSABLE.

Email marketing is a great way to send personalized information and promotions to customers and leads.

This is an excellent communication channel and therefore you should consider it in your digital marketing strategy.

5. Access to technical support

Finally, by hiring a corporate email service, you will be sure to receive help and technical support in a more personalized way.

This is super important because it is essential that your company’s email is working at all times. A lost email can be equal to lost money!


As you can see, it is worth investing in a corporate email since in the end it will bring you benefits that far exceed its cost.

A corporate email will positively affect people’s perception of your brand or company and this is truly invaluable. Remember that if your company does not inspire trust, people will not do business with you.

Do you have any questions or comments about corporate email? Do not hesitate to ask us.