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6 digital tools that every entrepreneur should know

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Boost your idea or project with the help of these 6 excellent digital tools.

All those who have decided to start an entrepreneurship know that achieving success is not easy and that in order to do so, you must overcome constant challenges.

Being an entrepreneur requires commitment, dedication and perseverance. But it is also very important to be up to date with new technologies and to know how to take advantage of all the resources that are available to us to obtain a competitive advantage.

So, if you are an entrepreneur, or are thinking about starting a business, I recommend you to use these 6 digital tools that will definitely help you on your way to success.

1. Freshbooks

This cloud accounting app will help you manage your finances in a practical and simple way.

With this tool you will never forget to make your payments, because Freshbooks will send you reminders.

You can try Freshbooks free for 30 days and after that the application will offer you accessible monthly and annual plans, depending on your needs.

2. MailChimp

MailChimp is a platform that gives you all the tools you need to create effective email marketing campaigns very easily.

With this platform you can plan, design and analyze your mailings in a very intuitive and fast way.

The best of all is that MailChimp offers you a free version that allows you to send up to 12 thousand emails per month and have a maximum of 2,000 subscribers; this is an excellent option if you are just starting a project.

3. Doodle

If you had problems organizing meetings, Doodle offers you a solution!

With Doodle you can propose options for dates and places for the meeting, then invite the participants to vote and from this information you can choose the best option for everyone.

It is a simple tool but it will really save you a lot of time!

4. Hootsuite

Social media is essential for any project or business and with Hootsuite you can program all your posts for all your social profiles.

The free version of Hootsuite allows you to register up to 3 social media profiles and program up to 30 messages at a time.

In addition to programming, with Hootsuite you can also monitor your social media and analyze the impact of your publications.

5. Canva

In the article “How to Design Online” I talked about this tool and now I recommend it again because it really is very useful and can get you out of a lot of troubles.

With Canva you can make professional and personalized designs with a platform which is super easy to use for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a graphic designer!

Canva offers you a wide variety of templates for different formats; Whether you need to make an invitation, a poster or a post for Facebook, in Canva you can find a template that suits your needs.

6. Google Analytics

This is a very popular, versatile and indispensable tool.

Whether you want to measure and analyze your website traffic or monitor and measure the performance of your Adwords campaigns, Analytics is the tool you need.

The free version is quite complete, as it can process up to 10 million visits per month and update its data daily.

* Bonus: Pagevamp

Lastly, if you still don’t have a website, I want to remind you that Pagevamp is an excellent option. Pagevamp connects directly to your Facebook fanpage to create a beautiful and functional website in minutes.

Also every time you update your fanpage, your website will also be updated. That is pretty easy!


Honestly, being an entrepreneur is not easy, but in the digital age there are many tools that can help you make this process a little bit smoother.

My recommendation is that you try all the tools that I have recommended and that you always stay up to date of the new technologies.

Do you know of any other tool that can help entrepreneurs? Share it in the comments section.