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Free online courses to learn digital marketing

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Free online courses can be very beneficial for those who take them because they are accessible, there is a big variety and they can be an effective teaching mechanism for those who know how to take advantage of them.

The increase in online courses, free or not, may be an indication not only that people want knowledge but that these courses are efficient and educational.

Thanks to the Internet, there are more ways to socialize and access the information we want to know. Also, many educational institutions such as universities have accepted the responsibility of having knowledge and now they are sharing it with the world.

Free courses can be a good option for those who want to learn but cannot do it in person. In addition, if you choose correctly, the course can have the same educational quality as any traditional class.

Therefore, online education has become a way for anyone to learn, regardless of their location. As for marketing courses, they can give a professional approach to the different areas of digital marketing.

There are different platforms that offer online courses or certifications on digital marketing, an area that you must consider if the thing you are looking for is to attract the customer in an organic way until they become a promoter of your company. We share some examples below of the most complete free online courses in the marketing area:

  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

The inbound marketing concept was created by Hubspot CEO Brian Halligan around 2007. Since then, the company has grown and its method has been used by many companies to reach more customers.

On its page, you can find different courses and certifications on inbound marketing strategies. In 12 classes you can find the 4 stages of inbound methodology, from how to improve your website and learn the structure of a landing page, to take advantages of your inbound sales skills.

  • Free Google Digital Marketing Course

Google also offers different courses on SEO, Adwords and basic tools for digital marketing. This particular course includes content of fundamentals of technology and the digital world, SEO, SEM, e-commerce, marketing on social networks and mobile devices, web analytics and entrepreneurship. The course has an estimated duration of 40 hours in total, is free and is certified by IAB Spain.

  • Coursera Digital Marketing specialization course

Coursera is characterized by being a platform that offers high quality online courses. In this case, the course is not free but it offers the first 7 days free after registering, so it is up to you how long it takes to complete it.

Fortunately, the modules included in the course are independent, so you can choose the ones you like the most or the ones you can finish. The content addresses the pillars of digital marketing, social media strategies, digital advertising with Google AdWords, programmatic media buying and, as a final project, a specialization in digital marketing.

  • SEO course by Miriada

Knowing about SEO is essential for anyone who is in the marketing area and seeks to position their company on the Internet. This course contains the basics of SEO such as keyword planning, content optimization, link building, semantic bookmarking, SEO for E-commerce and mobile strategies. The duration is approximately 18 hours and it is totally free.

  • IIEMD Digital Marketing and Social Networks online course

Taught by the Spanish International Institute of Digital Marketing, the course consists of 3 completely free independent modules. They address the topics of social networks, SEO, Adwords and E-commerce. Contrary to the other courses, in this case there is a tutor who accompanies you throughout the process until finishing and obtaining the certificate.

In an environment characterized by being highly changeable, constant learning can become a survival method. As it is a field that is related to technology, there are always changes and innovations for which you must be prepared. Therefore, taking short courses online can be a solution to be informed and aware of updates in the area.

For this reason, remember that certificates have an expedition date, so it is recommended to be updating your knowledge and renewing the online courses that you are taking with new ones.