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Free tools to create audiovisual content

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Creating audiovisual content can sound like a challenge when you do not have the necessary preparation for it; however, there are free tools which facilitate this process.

Audiovisual content is a key element within any website and digital communication medium. Today, due to the large amount of information disseminated on the web and the democratization of social networks, users have a lower attention span.

To give a perspective on the above statement, according to Digital Information World, attention span has decreased significantly in the past 20 years. From 12 seconds in 2000, it dropped to 8 seconds in 2018.

Every day users receive a massive amount of information and content. The fight for the attention of Internet users is a power struggle and many brands have discovered that the best way to capture their attention is with audiovisual content. So it is no surprise that Instagram has a 70% higher engagement rate than Facebook.

Therefore, offering quality audiovisual content can attract more users and capture their attention longer than with any other type of content. Best of all, there are a number of free tools you can use to create attractive and accessible pdfs, infographics, videos, and layouts.

The free and accessible tools that can be used to create audiovisual content are:


In Canva you can make designs for social media, invitations, magazines and infographics. This tool is free although it has more advanced design options that can be purchased. However, it has a wide range of fonts, images, and layouts. The page is intuitive for those who have no experience with design programs.


Powtoon has different templates for creating animated videos. The videos can be informative, entertaining or commercial. Furthermore, there is also an option to create interactive and animated presentations.


Timelines are a different and attractive option to offer certain types of information in a more digestible way. Tiki-Toki offers the option to create interactive timelines that include images and video. It can also be edited between more than two people and it has the option of 3D templates.


Although this tool only has three free themes to start, it has infinite possibilities to make changes and redesign it. So you can take advantage of these three templates by changing colors, font types, adding or removing basic shapes, images, and preloaded graphics.


If you need to make formal and professional videos with real images as a requirement, Mojo is a good option. This tool specializes on informative videos, mostly for journalism. It has music, graphics, text and editing options.

Not knowing how to use a program is not a limitation today. There are different tools and applications to create audiovisual content accessible by computer and mobile devices. Now, implementing attractive content will not be an obstacle!