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How can small businesses use artificial intelligence?

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Artificial intelligence is an emerging technology that is not reserved solely for large corporations. Small businesses can also take advantage of its potential, adapting it to their objectives.

It is logical to think that only companies with high budgets and with work teams made up of experts in the field, can have easy access to powerful tools such as artificial intelligence (AI). And this was true until a few years ago; having the ability to implement this type of technology was a privilege for few.

Now the reality is different, technology providers have managed to diversify their services to make it available to different business models of all sizes.

Now more than ever, small and medium-sized companies can incorporate sophisticated technology functionalities into their operational and administrative processes to improve their productivity.

Specifically, small businesses have the opportunity to access artificial intelligence services in the cloud. By using machine learning as a service, some complexities of investing in AI are removed.

In this case, the solutions offered by platforms such as BigML or DataRobot, just to name a few examples, involve payments proportional to the amount of data and provision of performance required by each company.

Applications of artificial intelligence in small businesses

Some areas of small and medium-sized companies that can take advantage of the potential of artificial intelligence are:

Human Resources

Accelerating the functions corresponding to the hiring of human talent is possible through AI. Searching profiles according to a job opening, contacting the candidate, requesting information, carrying out and evaluating tests, scheduling and conducting personalized interviews, are some tasks that can be delegated in intelligent automated processes.


AI-enabled email marketing platforms help to recognize emails, customize delivery times, and automate content, among other things. Likewise, artificial intelligence applied to marketing helps to optimize advertisements, as well as identify potential customers.


Salespersons have the ability to use valuable information from AI to execute more concrete actions. For example, filtering and tracking prospects via email and social media based on their common behaviors and tastes.

Customer Support

Chatbots are excellent resources for answering questions and solving problems on the website, in short periods of time and in a timely manner. Likewise, they are capable of channeling cases that they cannot solve.

In this way, continuity in the customer service process is guaranteed, directing it to the appropriate channel, be it a phone call or an online chat. This promotes quick case resolution and customer satisfaction.

Indeed, artificial intelligence can support all areas of a business, from analyzing the supply chain and taking care of accounting tasks, to managing meetings, and overseeing project management.

After all, streamlining processes and improving decision-making has always been the purpose of using technological tools. However, with artificial intelligence this goal becomes more and more precise. And this time, it is at the command of small and medium-sized companies, as well as the big ones.