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Ideas to start an entrepreneurship on the Internet in 2020

Digital Transformation

In recent times we have seen how entrepreneurship has taken center stage within this constant evolution in the way of doing business.

But it has definitely been the Internet that has made it possible to go much further when it comes to making money. The digital world provides multiple alternatives that allow us to fulfill the dream that many of us have about creating our personal or commercial brand, being our own boss, achieving financial freedom or simply having an extra source of income.

Whatever the case, there are several options to choose from. Depending on your skills, objectives and investment capacity, you will surely find the right business model for you.

Here are some ideas you can adopt to start a business on the Internet in 2020:


With dedication, money and effort, managing a blog is one of the most sustainable online initiatives over time. Choosing the subject, defining the market niche, design, making the investment in terms of domain and hosting, creating content, positioning it, generating traffic and attracting subscribers, are some preparations that will lead you to what really interests you: that your blog becomes profitable.

After the blog has developed its personality and is being visited, the stage of monetizing it comes next. The most common ways to do this are: charging for advertisements such as Google Adsense or private advertisers, selling exclusive content such as courses or webinars, as well as offering products and services.

Online stores

Electronic commerce continues to boom. A site dedicated solely to e-commerce can be created or it can be incorporated into a blog. If you have the possibility to buy products in bulk or directly from a manufacturer, this idea can be very profitable.

Platforms like WooCommerce, Magento or Shopify are very useful in this case, because they have payment gateways, stock management, as well as tools to display catalogs, create promotions and offers, among other things.


It is another way of selling products, but it does not imply having them in inventory or taking care of shipments. Virtually your store would function as a bridge between the customer and the distributor, receiving and channeling orders.

Affiliate Marketing

This modality focuses on earning commissions for the sale of products through affiliate links. It is about making recommendations and connecting with the distributor.

Online franchises

Travel agencies, real estate, digital marketing companies and software development are some online franchises that you can find. Taking advantage of a proven business structure with a reputation in the market can be very convenient.


Investing in financial markets seems to be the most profitable activity on the Internet. However, it requires knowledge and skills that not everyone can achieve. On the other hand, it is important to know that, just as you earn a lot of money, there is a high risk of losing it.


Selling your services on remote work platforms is something that does not need much investment. Doing translations, transcripts, content writing, graphic design or even application programming are some of the categories you could venture into.

Influence marketing

We cannot leave out social media marketing. If you are good in a specific area and the camera loves you, you should not discard becoming an influencer and of course using your accounts to do advertisements.

In addition to these, there are many other ideas that may fit into your next digital business such as publishing a book, teaching language classes, and podcasting, for example.

The important thing is that you determine what you are good at, what you like, how much time and money you are willing to invest, if your proposal meets a need, among other aspects, and you will be closer to finding the ideal online business for you.