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Social networks to boost your small business

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Social networks are an indispensable tool that, in addition to promoting and increasing the scope of a company, positions the brands in people’s minds.

Cherlene Li, founder of the Altimeter Group and social media expert, said it a couple of years ago: “The company that doesn’t dialogue with customers will die.” That’s why whoever is not willing to adapt to new technologies and forms of communication will be left out of the market and, as a consequence, of the collective imagination.

Contrary to what outdoor advertising has achieved, the use of digital media represents a new opportunity to connect with audiences in a more personal way. Specialists like Andrew Medal endorse it; social networks are an opportunity to add value to people’s lives.

However, it is not enough to upload three posts a week on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Instagram. For a social media strategy to work it is necessary to generate a sense of community and a constant conversation between the brand and the audience.

To generate opportunities based on good reach and successful publications, it is necessary to create a social media strategy that tracks the movements that are made in the different accounts.

And yes, on many situations it will be necessary to keep more than a single account – it all depends on where you want to direct the information.

According to the study of “User Habits on the Internet in Mexico”, there are about 70 million Mexicans on the Internet, of which 83% use it to access social networks. So, we can’t deny the great opportunities to be found in the digital world.

So, which social networks are necessary for a small business? Considering the company’s resources and the market niche, every small business should have the following social networks:

  • Facebook: The network has 1.9 billion active users since 2005, that is, today 1 out of 4 people connects to Facebook. If that reason is not enough, you can also generate dynamic relationships with customers and you have a great facility for networking. Finally, the platform offers the opportunity to make advertisements that are targeted to the chosen niche.
  • LinkedIn: In addition to being a social network, it is a professional network with 467 million users. A good use on this platform implies publishing work-related content, so any company that wants to be on the map must be here.
  • Instagram: If you want to impact through visual resources, Instagram reaches nearly 600 million users. If the strategy is correct, it will not be difficult to generate a high rate of interaction.
  • Twitter: It is the platform with the fewest users – more than 345 million – but it has the advantage of immediacy; its dynamism allows quick and direct dialogues. Consequently, it is ideal for customer service and external communication. The counterpart is that by its nature, more daily presence is required to maintain relevance on the network.

Social networks give visibility to a brand on the Internet; without them, the company is non-existent. However, having successful posts is not an easy task, and it is even harder to have a constant presence.

With a good digital marketing strategy and using indispensable social media, the small businesses can position themselves and create a good online reputation.