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The best free web programming courses

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New technologies continue to evolve at an accelerated pace and web programming is becoming more necessary every day in a world where everyone wants to have a digital presence.

The good news is that it is something that can be learned online, and even better through free courses. This means that from the comfort of your home and with a little discipline you can become a web programmer.

Some reasons to learn to program are:

– Entrepreneurs need to have a virtual version of their business, which means a constant and growing demand for digital projects.

– Programming is a highly paid career globally. In addition, by being able to exercise it remotely, you can have clients from any corner of the planet.

– Learning to program will allow you to acquire logical thinking skills, it will increase your creativity and will motivate you to create new things managing to turn ideas into great projects.

Today’s most important web programming languages

Before going into details of the courses, let’s see the web languages ​​that remain strong and others that promise to continue being used for a long time:

HTML5 and CSS3

They are basic languages ​​that any programmer must handle at an advanced level. But to go a little further, you need to learn other languages ​​that allow you to execute more complex tasks both in the visible part of the site (front-end) and in the processes that take care of the functional aspect (back-end).

Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript and C #

 These primary languages ​​continue to be the favorites of expert programmers. However, there are a couple of young languages ​​that are giving a lot to talk about, we’re talking about Go and Rust that have had a quick acceptance among the community that is committed to more modern languages.

React and Angular

These work environments or JavaScript frameworks, which facilitate the creation of user interfaces in a much faster and more agile way. We must also name VueJS that collects the best of React and Angular, turning out to be a very friendly tool.

You don’t need to learn all of these languages. It is only a small guide that you could keep in mind to get started in web development according to the type of programmer you want to be.

Where to get the best free web programming courses?

This is a somewhat difficult question to answer because with the large amount of high-quality information available on the Internet regarding this topic, it is difficult to summarize.

Here we name just ten alternatives among an endless number of educational platforms:

1. MIT OpenCourseWare: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers more than 2,000 free online courses.

2. is a site that has courses created by third parties with tutorials on almost anything you can think of regarding programming.

3. an excellent option to take the first steps.

4. Scratch: is a website with complete programs and content proposed by an entire community.

5. Codigofacilito: through its YouTube channel it makes available a variety of videos with different programming themes.

6. Tutellus: is a video training center in Spanish with more than 60,000 courses available.

7. freeCodeCamp: where you can learn to program while non-profit organizations use your code.

8. Programmr: a multidisciplinary platform with challenges, courses, projects, examples and exercises.

9. Codecademy: teaches packages of various languages ​​related to each other or separately, interactively.

10. Udacity: allows free access to exercises and videos, although it contains other additional services in payment modality.


Websites have opened up to emerging technologies which have made them evolve into more interactive versions, ensuring the next era of web development.

Therefore, training in free web programming is the best investment in time and dedication you can do right now.