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The importance of having your business online during a crisis

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Having a version of your business on the Internet has never been as important as it is now that the Coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed traditional commerce worldwide.

For a long time, having digital presence has been essential for companies to expand their reach, eliminate borders and reach millions of users. Even many online entrepreneurships work perfectly without having a physical infrastructure.

But in these times of crisis, this alternative has a new connotation, becoming a lifeline for businesses.

Crisis vs. Opportunities

Successful entrepreneurs often have contingency plans to face difficulties if necessary, but without a doubt this Coronavirus was not planned. A global public health crisis that would force people to stay at home for long periods of time probably does not exist in any operating manual.

And although in this context the main thing is to protect life, it is relevant for both entrepreneurs and employees to preserve their sources of income as much as possible or, failing that, reinvent themselves, innovate and find new ways to economically support families in these complicated and difficult times. And why not ensure productivity for when everything “returns to normal”?

Successful people see opportunities where others see problems, this does not mean taking advantage of the situation, it is about being productive and in turn being useful to society. Crises trigger creativity and make us discover options that we would never have seen otherwise; for example, think of all the innovative ideas that have revolutionized the world since a war.

Some recommendations

So, let’s take action and point out some considerations that can be taken into account at the moment:

Focus operations on the Internet. Websites, blogs or online stores are ideal platforms to manage a business in the midst of what is happening. Also relying on other technological tools such as social media and messaging, without leaving behind communication via telephone, you can create or maintain temporary and even permanent profitable activities.

Form remote work teams. You do not have to do it alone, if you need several people to fulfill your goals, using the remote work modality is a viable option, each member can do their work from home. This works very well in cases of offering remote services.

Focus on current needs. Fashion, travel and decoration are not exactly the items that are in demand these days; the immediate requirements are oriented to food, hygiene products and personal care. Soon entertainment (games and movies) and online training will see more growth in the preference of people at home. Likewise, shipping services are highly necessary for home deliveries from Internet purchases.

Anyway, if you already have a business and want to take it to its digital version or if you are looking for ideas to create one from scratch, in our blog you will find several posts that can be of great help. Lastly, keep in mind that the world is changing and those who will succeed are not the greatest nor the strongest, but the ones that are able to adapt.

Leave your comments or contributions on the subject. Your experience can be an example for others.