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Tips to bring your business to the digital world in 2020

Digital Transformation

Now more than ever, technology makes endless digital tools available that you can take advantage of to boost personal and business brands.

Among the wide range of Internet-based options, like large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses have the opportunity to extend their scope by offering their products and services to thousands of users in seconds, regardless of their physical location.

Why bring your business to the digital world?

Without a doubt, the use of the Internet and its many applications provide a significant competitive advantage to any brand. You may have already heard that saying: “if it’s not on the Internet, it doesn’t exist”.

Furthermore, having a digital identity will generate greater trust in your customers through the corporate image, content and contact they may have with you through different electronic communication channels.

Now that you have your business and want to expand it, creating an Internet presence from the beginning can be quite a challenge, but with a clear idea of ​​what you want to project and with some planning you will successfully achieve your mission.

Some general recommendations

If what you want is to give virtual life to your business in a strong way, we can recommend to consolidate a website as your operations center and that it works comprehensively with social networks.

You’re probably thinking about designing your site now, and that’s fine. At this point, keep in mind that the development platform you choose must offer you optimal functionality to make your tasks easier when you work on it, and of course guarantee data security.

Regarding social media

An account on any social media by itself can be an interesting platform to promote a brand and even sell products or services, but the most relevant thing is that it is an infallible vehicle to generate traffic to your site.

It’s a good idea to create accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to name just a few networks. Each of them will allow you to reach different types of Internet users and expand your audience.

In short, whatever the purpose of your business, it is clear that you inevitably have to compete with millions of sites on the Internet and many of them are probably similar to yours, which of course means that you need to stand out in the crowd.

So, specifying the previous ideas, it would be great if you wrote down these tips to keep in mind:

  • Buy a domain and hosting service to register the virtual name of your business and host your site on the web.
  • Build your website through a web development platform such as Pagevamp or WordPress, for example.
  • Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) elements to improve search engine rankings.
  • Generate traffic to your site from social media, one way to do this is by including links in the posts.
  • Create WhatsApp and email marketing campaigns, including sending newsletters or bulletins to build brand loyalty.
  • Make special offers, contests and giveaways.
  • Publish some posts on other blogs and link back to yours.
  • Pay ads on high traffic websites.

This is not a magic recipe, it all depends on the characteristics of your brand, your audience and how far you want to go.

If you want to share your experience or if you want to ask us something, write us and we will gladly get back to you!