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How to choose a functional domain name?


When creating your website, it is very important to carefully choose your domain name.

Last week we explained in detail the steps to buy a web domain. Now in this article we are going to focus on the things that we must consider when choosing our domain name.

Remember that a domain is made up of two parts: the name and the extension. The extension is usually associated with the country of origin (for example, .mx for Mexico) or line of business.

But the name is the most important part since it will distinguish your site on the Internet.

Here are some key points to consider when choosing your domain name:

1. Consider the purpose of your website

Before you start thinking about names, take the time to make the purpose of your website very clear.

These questions can help you:

-What kind of topics and content will your site have?

-Will the site serve to publicize your professional services or products?

-What kind of image do you want to project (serious, fun, etc.)?

2. Trademark or personal brand

If your website is going to be dedicated to promoting a product or service, it is recommended that the domain name includes the brand name.

If for some reason the brand name is not available, you can add a word or phrase related to the brand.

Now if your website is going to be focused on promoting your services or personal work, it is recommended that you include your name.

3. Name length

Another very important point to consider is the length of your domain name.

The recommendation is to always try to choose a short name. This makes sense since a very long name will be more difficult to remember.

And what we want is for people to remember the name of our website!

4. Special characters and numbers

As a general rule, we recommend NOT to use hyphens or special characters in your domain name.

For one thing, Google doesn’t get along with these special characters, and people also have a harder time remembering them. In the case of domains, the simpler, the better.

5. SEO positioning

Finally, another factor that you can also consider when choosing your domain name is search engine rankings.

To improve the positioning of your site you can consider including a keyword in the name of your domain.

“A keyword is the term or set of terms that users use when searching for content that interests them in browsers.”

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For example, if your name is Juanita López and you’re a fashion designer, you can consider using the keyword “fashion” in your domain, then it could be (.mx if you’re from Mexico).

As you can see, choosing the name of your domain is a very important step and that is why you should dedicate time to this process. We hope that our advice will help you choose the ideal domain name for your idea or business.

Do you want to share any other advice with us?