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The best domains for your business


Discover which are the best web domains to place your business or idea on the Internet.

If you are starting a business or project (or if you already have one) it is very important that you consider registering your domain name, which you will need when creating your website.

When I speak about domains, I am referring to the unique and exclusive name with which your website will be identified on the Internet.

Domains are made up of two parts: the name and the extension.

In the name is where you are going to place the name of your business, project, idea, etc. Moreover, the extension is the termination that your domain will have. Currently there is a wide variety of extensions, for example some of the most popular ones are .com, .mx, .edu, .org, etc.

Among so many options it can be difficult to know which extension is the right one for our company or business.

For example, the .edu extension was created for schools and educational institutions. The .org extension is intended for non-profit organizations and associations.

If your business or project is in Mexico or is aimed at the Mexican public, my recommendation is that you use the .mx extension.

The .mx is the domain that represents Mexico on the Internet. There are currently over 1 million registered .mx domains.

And why is a .mx domain better?

1. Short and easy to remember

First of all, the .mx extension is very short and easy to remember. That is something we definitely want for our website!

2. Mexican identity

If you want the world to recognize your product or service as proudly Mexican, the .mx domain is your best option.

3. Positioning in search engines

Using the .mx domain will help to position your website in the searches carried out in Mexico. This means that more people in Mexico will see your website and therefore you will have more potential customers.

4. Protection for your brand

Lastly, by registering a .mx domain you will be protecting your name or your company’s name on the Internet.