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Why choose a mx domain extension for your website


The name of a website is a strategic aspect to define the digital presence of the business. Choosing mx domain extensions can be very convenient for companies that develop in the Mexican market.

The domain is that identifier that is placed in the browser to direct users to a website. In essence, it can be said that it is equivalent to a physical address; it is the word or phrase with which they can recognize and find your company, project or idea on the Internet.

As a name and surname, a domain constitutes a fundamental part of the personality of the business. In addition to this, its extension influences the positioning of the pages in the search engine results.

Specifically, the domain extension is the part that follows the dot. There are thousands of them, in fact .com turns out to be the most used. However, depending on the purpose of your website you can choose another much more suitable extension.

In case your project is focused on a particular area, considering the use of extensions that frame the domain in that territory can bring several benefits. After all, targeting your audience more effectively will help you implement more profitable marketing strategies.

What is a geographic domain?

It is also known as territorial and formally referred to as a country code top-level domain or ccTLD. This type of domain indicates the relationship of the website with a specific region. For example: “es” for Spain or “br” for Brazil.

Country code TLDs are made up of two-character extensions and are unique and unrepeatable. Additionally, they belong to the first level of DNS (Domain Name System). Therefore, they occupy the highest category, on a par with generic domains such as .com, .net or .org.

Likewise, each country has a list of second-level domains that can be used depending on the activity carried out by the organization. For Mexico, the geographic domains of this style are:

  • Available for Mexican commercial entities
  • Reserved for non-profit organizations
  • Oriented to companies related to telecommunications
  • Dedicated to entities belonging to the Municipal, State or Federal government
  • Used for educational institutions

Advantages of using a mx domain

If your niche market is located in the Mexican region, using a mx domain for your website will give you the following competitive advantages:

  1. It generates identity and creates closeness with Mexican consumers.
  2. It is easy to remember and associated with companies located in Mexico.
  3. You can classify your business by country, in case you have branches in other locations.
  4. Helps to improve the positioning of the website.

This last point is the most relevant, territorial domains favor the optimization of pages for search engines. This happens because search engines show local pages corresponding to the user’s geographic location at the top of their results list.

If you have already made the decision to register your mx domain, at Akky we offer you the best alternatives suitable to your specific needs. Visit us on our website and find the ideal domain for your business or project.