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15 ways to make money on social media


In addition to being communication channels, social networks can also help you earn money.

In recent years, social media has acquired a central role in our lives. It has become our main channel of communication. As a result of its great popularity, social media has also become a very good option to earn money.

And at this moment you will be asking yourself: how

There are many ways, from the simplest and most direct to the most specialized ones that require more time and knowledge.

In this article we are going to present you 15 different options to earn money on the most popular social networks and so you can choose the one (or ones) that best suits your needs.


1. Sell your products and services

This is an ideal and practical option for people who have their own products or services that they want to sell.

What you must do is upload a good photo of the product with its description and do not forget to include the link to make the payment.

2. Make mentions for small businesses

A popular Facebook page can be very attractive for a company or small business that does not have presence on this social network.

If you have a popular page, some of these companies can pay you to make mentions of their products on your page.

3. Promote affiliate products

To earn money this way, you must first register with an affiliate platform. Some of the most popular ones are: ShareASale, ClickBank and LinkShare.

On this platform you can choose a product that may be relevant to your followers. The platform will give you a code that will be a link with your affiliate ID on it.

Finally, you must make a publication on your Facebook page that includes the link and you will be paid a certain amount each time someone clicks on it.

4. Sell a Facebook page

This option takes a little more time but is still viable. Believe it or not, there are many people interested in buying Facebook pages that have a large number of followers.

And they pay very well! Just remember that you will have to spend a little bit more time on this project.

5. Write an eBook

Are you an expert about a particular topic? You may consider writing an eBook.

It doesn’t have to be a book with thousands of pages, it just has to have attractive content. Once you have the book, you can use your Facebook page to promote it and put links so that people can buy it.

6. Send traffic to a blog with AdSense

This option is perfect if you already have a blog (or are planning to start one). If your blog already registers a good amount of traffic, you can ask Google for the AdSense service. This service will place ads on your blog.

So the idea is that you make attractive publications on your Facebook page that lead people to your blog and there they can click on the ads.

This method requires patience and perseverance, but you can earn hundreds of dollars a month.


7. SponsoredTweets

This is an advertising platform that connects advertisers with tweeters.

The system works like this: Advertisers pay to see their commercial messages posted on Twitter accounts. You will receive money depending on the clicks or visits that your tweets generate.

You can enter here to learn more about this platform.

8. Shortening links is an Internet service that is dedicated to shortening links (similar to Bitly) but that also allows you to earn money by sharing links.

You can enter the page to register and start sharing links on your Twitter account.

9. Promoting Amazon products

Major companies, such as Amazon, seek to promote their products on popular Twitter accounts.

To earn money this way you must join Amazon Associates and thus you will receive a commission when someone buys the product from the link you share on your Twitter account.

10. Sponsored surveys

Many companies need to know the opinion of the public about their different products and the Twitter platform can be very useful to carry out this survey.

What companies do then is sponsor surveys that are published in the accounts of popular users of this social network.

11. Send advertising to your followers

This option is done through a platform called Magpie.

To register for this service you have to give your Twitter username and password and they will directly send advertising to your followers.


12. Sell your photos

If you like photography, Instagram can be the best tool to help you make money selling your photos. Some platforms you can research are Instaprints, Foap, and Twenty20.

13. Sponsored publications

This is an excellent option for those people who have a lot of followers on Instagram.

The idea is that you make a sponsored publication and that it includes a hashtag or a link to promote the product or the service of a brand.

The success of this strategy will depend on how involved your followers are with your content.

14. Sell followers

Another good option for people with lots of followers! Instagram followers are very valuable to many companies and can be sold at a very good price.

15. Transform your profile into an online store

If you have your own product, Instagram is the perfect place to display and market it. The important thing is to take good pictures of the products and also include good descriptions.

As we have seen, there are currently many options to earn money on social media.

When choosing your option, you have to think about the time and effort you want to dedicate to the project, as well as your strengths in each social network.

Do you know any other way to earn money on social media?